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1950s fashion

No description

Hazel Antiporta

on 9 July 2014

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Transcript of 1950s fashion

In the 1950's male fashions were fairly simple.
Leather Jackets
Levi Denim Jeans with rolled cuffs ( Girls called these pedal pushers)
Coloured Shirts with rolled up sleeves
Bowling Shirts
Denim Jackets
Motorcycle Boots
Army Boots
Black Eyeliner
Red Lipstick
Tight Shirts
This style was popular among teens from wealthy families
Named after the children who attended Prep schools
Neat and tidy
Well groomed
Guys usually had crew cuts
Girls favoured ponytails
Style mentioned in Chapter 12 when holden speaks about a Joe-Yale looking guy in a flannel suit

Circular Skirts
Pleated Skirts
Poodle Skirts
Sweaters tied around the waist
Cashmere Sweaters
Knee Socks
Penny Loafers
Suede Shoes
Bermuda Shorts
White Athletic Shorts
Button Down Shirts

Jocks were a division of preps. They wore the same things as preps, but with the addition of letterman jackets. Stradlater, Holdens room mate is a jock.
• Early Hippies
• Played Bongos
• Hitchhiked
• Drug Abuse
• The “ Beat Generation”
Black Turtlenecks

iconic figures
Audrey Hepburn
Elvis Presley
Marilyn Monroe
James Dean
Grace Kelly
exemplified elegance, effortless sophistication and simplicity.
Famous for popularizing the Little Black Dress in the classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s
perfect balance between androgyny and feminine "whimsy"
Personal style: boyish haircut and love of flats and loafers with delicate cashmere cardigans and dainty accessories

Referred to as “Hollywood’s Princess” because of elegant style and became real-life princess of Monaco
Effortless classic Hollywood Style with more conservative pieces that fit the royal category

Idol for chic , seductive yet glamorous style
Known for her red lips, blond hair, beauty spot and curvy body
her wardrobe involved sparkling dresses, crop tops, high heels, high-waisted pants, sweaters and pencil skirts

Iconic Male of 1950’s and one of the most adored actors
Effortless and basic style
Statement Style:leather jacket and blue jeans and trademark quiff

Renown rock and roll singer
Unique outfits – pink was not worn much by straight men before Elvis
Known for leather jacket, handmade shirts and casual suits and long hair before it was popular

The Beach
casual and beachwear for men consisted of colourful or plain white short shorts

with that they wore brightly patterned t-shirts, usually in the Hawaiian style

leather sandals gave way to rubber sandals

at casual beach parties, striped t-shirts were popular

usually wore short shorts or bikini shorts with colour vibrant tops or a pattered bikini top

One piece were a way to hide faults in a women's shape
achieved by adding stretch tummy control pannels to hold in the stomach

bullet-bra became popular

Inspired by the signature styles of Marlon Brando and Elvis Presley.
the ideal look consisted of; stripped jackets, waist coats, and creased pants.
footwear consisted of leather shoes, boots, loafers
popular 50's hairstyles for men were; the apache (cropped side cuts), flat on the top crew cut, pompadour and sideburns
Some teens gelled their hair back and were given the name greasers.
in the 50's new styles began to show such as bellbottoms and plaid.
Men wore ferdoras, the porkpies, the homburg and the derby. These are all different types of hats.

Women wore hats such as berets and the "pillbox" which was introduced by Balenciaga. They wore these because their hairstyles did not get ruined.

Oxfords were casual footwear worn by most.

Stilletoes were extremely popular among women as they could easily glamourize outfits

Gloves were worn by women and completed their grooming, clean gloves were a hallmark of a lady. Most preferable in white

Handbags were an essential part of a womans wardrobe.

Women wearing the popular cat eye styles glasses.

In the 1940s, the colours of clothing reflected the wartime atmosphere. However, during the 50's a variety of bold and bright colours was seen being utilized in clothing. Beautiful prints returned to popularity and were often shown on a white background.
Women would be seen wearing floral skirts wild with colour.
Opressive black clothing was replaced with glamorous pinks!

Tops and Pants
Skirts and Dresses
•Circle Skirts and Dresses
• Generally fuller skirts and fitted bodices
• Generally they were knee length
Ball gowns available
Dresses and skirts often pleated
Plaid, floral, polka dot and stripe printed dresses were often worn
Skirts and Dresses were essentials for wardrobes
the prostitute, Sunny, wore a plain green dress
Sally wears a skating skirt when she goes skating with holden

Fashion for Different occasions

•House Wife: Floral or simple dress/shirtdress for a simple look
Daywear: Dresses, circle skirts and later pencil skirts and dresses for sophisticated look
Semi-Formal: Cocktail Dresses
Evening Wear: "New Look" type dresses which emphasized hourglass shape
Casual Wear: Pants and shorts with simple or patterened tops
Aimed to give a feminine look while still being casual
Peplum tops and jackets sinched waist
Polka Dot, basic and floral prints
Most tops are loose fitting paired with tight bottoms
Basic Outfit: Loose top with fitted skirt
Types of Bottoms
Ankle length skirts with volume
Ankle length pants
Pedal pushers
Bermuda Shorts

Rock 'n' Roll was a major influence on this style
The style was an expression of rebellion
The Greasers usually lived in working class neighbouhoods
"street rebels"
The males typically greased their hair back
The females typically teased their hair up with hairspray
In the 1950’s, pastels were the most common colours for eye shadows
Pink being most influential in this decade.
Eye shadow was applied sparsely, and usually, mascara was applied heavily.
The key part of the eye was the infamous heavy eyeliner of the era.
The process of applying makeup begins with a heavy base of foundations and powders, as the trend of pale pasty skin returned in the 50’s.
The objective was to have a thick coat of makeup to cover every blemish.
Often women would accentuate a single blemish on their face with a crayon.
Red was most commonly used in lipsticks and glosses, however, in the 1950’s pinks, red-oranges and purple-reds started to become trendy, as an alternate to the classic “Russian red”.
Lipsticks were worn by two thirds of all women in the 50’s.
The art of applying makeup was known as “Colour Keying”.
Famous Brands of the 1950's


Founded in 1945 by Pierre Balmain
Inspired by Dior’s emphasis on waist, Balmain also focused on femininity and elegance
Well known for its sophisticated and luxurious style

Founded by Christian Dior in 1947
Brought back glamour in the post war
era by using large amounts of fabric and
exaggerating hourglass physine,
known as the “new look”

Founded by Cristóbal Balenciaga in 1914
Introduced Luxurious and
glamorous look, went opposite off
Dior and clothes demonstrated sleeker silhouettes and less emphasis on waist

Founded by Coco Chanel in 1909, renowned for its classy look
Specialized in Haute Couture style of clothing at the time
Introduced the Little Black Dress and Chanel No.5 Perfume

Celebritres inspired by the 50's
Dita Von Teese
Known for her obsession with the 1940’s and 50’s
Dita shows her passion for fashion showing off amazing outfits all inspired by her favourite eras.
Scarlett Johansson
Famous for her acting
Scarlett Johansson exposes her love of vintage clothing often opting for a 50’s hourglass shape.
Lana Del Rey
Lana Del Rey is not only known for her vintage 50’s fashion but also for her music.
Artichoke Cut- was created specifically for Brigitte Bardot by French stylist Jacques Dessange
Pixie Cut - worn by Audrey Hepburn
Bouffant Cut - heavily teased and sprayed
Pony Tails - often worn with scarves tied around them, were very popular for teenage girls
Flat top crew Cut (Men) - was the hair style of choice for many young men
Common makeup look in the 1950s.
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