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The Green Mile

No description

Michelle C

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of The Green Mile

By Michelle Clevett
How Do We Know
Someone Is Guilty?
The Green

How Should We
Treat Criminals?
John's lawyer, Burt Hammersmith, believes that everyone is entitled to a defense
He believes that John is guilty, so defending him goes against his own beliefs.
Paul VS. Percy
Paul treats prisoners with respect and shows them kindness, just like he does with every person
Percy hits the prisoners, yells and insults them
Both men treat criminals the way they would any other person. They have similar ethical views
Should criminals still be punished if they change their ways?
Del had become a good person and was sorry for the crime he commited, yet was still executed
Del's execution was sabotaged
Who has the right to decide punishment?
John killed Percy and Bill using his powers
Was this necessary?
Percy had already agreed to transfer to a new job
Bill was already sentenced to death
Prisoners were sentenced to death by society
Percy killed Mr. Jingles, whom Del loved
Percy and Del switched places. Percy became the criminal, while Del became the victim
Bill murdered the two little girls, which affected the loved ones of the girls
Paul was given longevity by John but it was a curse
Del's loved one was murdered, just like the family of the little girls
John wanted to die, so Paul honored that wish and went through with the execution, even though killing John was against Paul's beliefs
Punishment for killing one of God's miracle workers
Political / Social
John was seen with
the two dead girls
Why Do People
Commit Crimes?
People are naturally inclined to be bad
John's lawyer believes John is guilty because of past experiences with his dog
He has a lack of
trust in John
How Do We Know When to Trust Others?
We have to
know the person
Elaine believed Paul's story because they were friends
She trusted that Paul wouldn't lie to her
Physical Appearance
All of the prison guards were scared of John when he first arrived because of his massive size
Attitude and Personality
Paul knew John wasn't guilty because he was too kind to commit such a crime
Paul went to John's lawyer to confirm his suspicions of John's innocence
Paul trusted John enough to let him show him the things he had seen
John looked like he was definitely capable of murder
How Much Power Do Security Guards Really Have?
Paul and the other guards have to be nice to the prisoners because they are under stress
The guards are not allowed to hit the prisoners or harm them, even if the prisoners retaliate or act out
Although the prisoners are in jail cells, they are really in charge of the prison. They determine what sorts of things the guards will have to do
Should the
Death Penalty Be in Place?
Not all criminals
are actually bad people
Some criminals only committed crimes because of their situations
John was actually trying to save the two girls when he was arrested
Del was able to change into a better person and he was even sorry for the crime he committed
Percy felt superior because of his position and his connections
Paul and the other guards could not do anything to stop Percy from acting the way he did because he threatened them with losing their jobs
If the prisoners are put under excessive strain, they can crack and hurt themselves or others
Even though Percy acts mean to the prisoners, they still have the ability to bring him down to size
Bill makes Percy pee his pants and become the laughing stock of the cell
Percy only agreed to transfer to a new job once Paul mentioned how his actions are recorded on his work records and the higher- ups will see them
It effectively
Fear of death prevents people from committing crime
Criminals cannot commit more crimes if they are sentenced to death
Eye witnesses do not always have the most accurate information or a full account of what happened
We cannot always trust that something is true simply because someone saw it or said it was true
Is There a God?
John has god-like
healing powers
He can use his powers to heal serious illnesses and even bring back the dead
He can use his power to punish and even kill bad people
John's powers cannot stop people from committing crimes
When John heals someone, he feels the pain of it himself
He cannot completely eliminate all the pain and suffering from the world
A God can
punish people
Bill was a drifter who had no connections to the two girls he killed
Bill used the girls' love for each other to manipulate them into doing what he wanted so he could kill them
No real incentive or motive for murder
They are driven into doing such things by their past experiences, current situations or emotions
The exact reason is still not known
Paul cannot understand why people would do such things and he lies awake at night thinking about it
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