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The Maya indians

No description

M2K Kids

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of The Maya indians

The Maya indians
They loved to put many things on walls.The walls inside were bright.A hole at the top was used for air.Before they moved they lived in caves.Two rooms were in the home. No windows were in the house.That is a little about Maya homes.
Maya Homes
The Maya tribe lived by the water in Central America.The exact location is Yuatan Peninsula, South Mexico.The tribe was forced to move there. The water is the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. That is the location.
Mayans wore jewelry. Also masks to cover up. Sldiers wore cotten suits. A great warrior may wear armor. That is Mayan clothing.
Mayan Food
Mayans were hunters first. They would wait till an animal is helpless.When Mayans moved they grew crops.The corn they grew was valued by all people in the area.So, in the end Mayans were hunters.That is Maya food.

Mayans use volcanic rock to make tools.Also,flint to make things.They made statues of gods and feelings like on the left.Mayans used water left over in the bath homed to soak away problems.They made the bath homes. That is Mayan arts and crafts.
Arts And Crafts
Mayans were very religious. Mayans followed gods. They had great riches. Columbus washed upon the shore in 1502. That is about the Mayans.
Interesting Facts
The Maya tribe by Katelyn.
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