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change polystyrene

angela shreya alejandra change project styrofoam

Angela Chen

on 17 June 2010

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Transcript of change polystyrene

Change Project: Styrofoam Shreya Shanhbag, Angela Chen, Alejandra Garcia Causes side effects in humans Breaks into smaller pieces Suffocates and kills many animals Difficult to recycle Poisonous Styrofoam is bad for the environment! Styrofoam affects people everywhere Marine litter kills many ocean organisms Cities are beginning to ban restaurants using Styrofoam containers San Francisco
San Jose
Alameda County It's very difficult to recycle polystyrene
Only a few recycling centers accept it SuperLink Plastic, Inc. is a recycling center that accepts Styrofoam!
They are located in San Jose and have recently expanded to Stockton Our service project (: Our topic is about styrofoam, which is also called polystyrene.
We are trying to reduce the impact of polystyrene on the environment
by recycling and helping people recycle We learned:
1) our world is more polluted than we thought
2) procrastination is bad
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