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An Interesting History Lesson: Game Freak INC.

No description

Kelsey Jones

on 18 September 2015

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Transcript of An Interesting History Lesson: Game Freak INC.

Started as a Japanese Exclusive Gaming Magazine
The Magazine company closed due to money issues
Game Freak was brought back on April 26th, 1988 as a third party developer for Nintendo and Sega
Founded by Satoshi Tajiri, Jun'ichi Masuda and Ken Sugimori.
An Interesting History Lesson:
Concept for "Pokemon"
Came from Tajiri's childhood
He used to catch bugs and raise them as a child
Idea was first pitched to Nintendo as "Capsule Monsters" at first. Was turned down due to copyright
Renamed to "Pocket Monsters", was pitched to Nintendo once again. With Shigeru Miyamoto's aid, development began. It was eventually called "Pokemon", for short.
Development and
"Pokemon" was a nightmare to develop.
Took 6 years (due to many employees leaving)
Nearly made Game Freak go bakrupt.
Almost made people insomiac.
Other Games Made
(1996 - Ongoing) - Currently 26 Main Games on Nintendo Hand Held Devices, and more on Nintendo Family Consoles.
(2013) made for Android, iOS and the Nintendo 3DS.
Drill Dozer
(2005) made for Game Boy Advanced
(2012) made for Nintendo 3DS
Click Medic
(1999) Made for Sony Playstation
Tembo the Badass Elephant
(2015), made for Playstation 4, Nintendo 3DS and PC. Lincensed by Sega.
Mendel Palace
(1989) - Made for the Nintendo Entertainment System. This was their first game. (listenced by Namco and Hudson Soft)
Mario & Wario
(1993) - Made for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.
Smart Ball
(1991-1994) - Made for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, lincensed by Sony.
Who is Game Freak?
A Second Party Developer for Nintendo
Best known for creating the Pokemon Games
Majority of their work is with the Hand Held Console
Series Mascot Pikachu, he appears different
today (the right), than when he first appeared
in 1996.
The Pokeball
CEO: Satoshi Tajiri
Music Director: Jun'ichi Masuda
Art Director: Ken Sugimori
Shigeru Miyamoto
current CEO of Nintendo
Bug Type Pokemon from Gen I to Gen V
February 27, 1996: "Pokemon: Red Version" and "Pokemon Green Version" are released in Japan for the Nintendo Gameboy.
It is a overnight hit, despite game breaking glitches and odd graphics.
*FUN FACT*: We did not ever see "Pokemon Green Version", it is a Japanese exclusive release due to the fact we got an updated version two years later.
Box Art for "Pokemon: Red Version" and "Pokemon Green Version"
October 15th, 1996: "Pokemon Blue Version" is released in Japan. Updated Graphics and fixed glitches.
This updated game was used to port out the rest of the game into the world.
These are the world wide releases we got.
And the creation of
And that's the end!
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