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Adventure Time Preschool and Childcare

No description

Melissa Carter

on 7 February 2019

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Transcript of Adventure Time Preschool and Childcare

of the

Where Good Beginnings
Last A Lifetime
Sickness Notice
If your child is sent home with a fever above 100.4 F, he/she cant return to AT within 24 hours unless accompanied with a doctor's note.
Important Reminders
Check Out Our
Curriculum Program
Each activity your child participates in will help them to develop important skills that can aid in their development process.
Cognitive Development
Cognitive Development focuses on how children learn and process information. It is the development of the thinking and organizing systems of the mind. It involves language, mental imagery, thinking, reasoning, problem solving, and memory development.
Social & Emotional Development
Social-emotional development provides the foundation for how children feel about themselves and how they experience others.
Language & Linguistic Development
Language and Linguistic development is simply how children develop language skills and learn how communicate to others.
Fine Motor Development
Fine motor skills can be defined as small muscle movements such as grasping and releasing objects, turning the wrist, etc.
With a focus on the 6 main developmental domains and the 3 different learning styles, each child will have everything they need to succeed academically, socially, and emotionally.
Gross Motor Development
Gross Motor skills involve the larger muscles in the arms, legs and torso. These skills also relate to body awareness, reaction speed, balance and strength. Gross motor development gives your child the ability to move in a variety of ways.
Adaptive Skills
Adaptive skills include everything that a child needs to know to start being more independent. This could include learning to dress oneself, feed oneself, using the toilet, brushing teeth, bathing, tying shoes, etc.
Learning Styles
Each child learns in their own way. Our activities cater to each child so everyone has a chance to learn in the way that works best for them!
Kinesthetic Learners
These are hands on learners. They learn by doing, touching, feeling, and experiencing the materials at hand. More children are kinesthetic learners than any other style.
Auditory Learners
Auditory Learners learn best when information is presented to them verbally. They need instructions read aloud and they like to verbally communicate.
Visual Learners
Visual Learners rely on being taught by showing. Visual learners benefit from diagrams, charts, pictures, films, and written directions. "Show me and I'll understand!"
How do I tell what my child is learning?
Check out the lesson plans outside your child's classroom
The teacher plans out every part of their day and everything has a purpose
Check out the key codes at the bottom of each activity box. This will show you which domain they are focusing on and what learning style each lesson will be taught in.
Planning Page Key
COG-Cognitive Development
SE-Social & Emotional Development
LL-Language & Linguistic Development
FM-Fine Motor Development
GM-Gross Motor Development

There is one assessment activity a week that allows for you and the teacher to know exactly where your child is at developmentally.
Communication between you and your child's teacher is key to your child's progress!
Each teacher plans their own
curriculum so that she can
cater to each child
"Do not train a child to learn by force or harshness; but direct them to it by what amuses their minds, so that you may be better able to discover with accuracy the peculiar bent of the genius of each.”

To end our summer with a SPLASH, we will be hosting a school-wide water day on August 10th.
Each child will need a swimsuit, towel, and ch
Amaris L 9/1
Rashad P 9/6
Raelene H 9/7
Abigail F 9/7
Jacob F 9/9
Sawyer M 9/10
Maylee C 9/12
Lyla A 9/12
Lucia Y 9/13
Ali R 9/13
Miles K 9/14
Dakota B 9/15
Camilo S 9/19
Cooper M 9/21

September Birthdays
Ellie C 9/22
Timothy A 922
Andrew H 9/22
Naomi S 9/22
Joshua B 9/25
Kenzie M 9/30
Ava F 9/30
Kate Smith
Kate has been one of our amazing Tadpole Teachers and now one of our equally amazing Pre-K teachers! She is currently studying Elementary Education at BYU.
She grew up in Pocatello, ID and is the second oldest of 4 children. She grew up around siblings, cousins, and friends and has always felt comfortable around and caring for children.
She believes in creating and maintaining an environment for the children that is truly conductive to learning and building
positive relationships.
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