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4.05 Comparing Governments: Honors Extension

No description

Christina Sabisch

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of 4.05 Comparing Governments: Honors Extension

4.05 Comparing Governments: Honors Extension
By: Christina S.
Moktada Al- Sadr, who is a representative of the Iraqi Parliament, has officially resigned. He said that his charities and his educational groups will continue to remain open. He explained he will no longer intervene with politics.
Iraqi Clerk Says Again "He'll Quit Politics"
A commander at a terrorist training camp used live explosives during training. The explosives went off killing the commander along with 21 other people in the class.
Suicide Bomb Trainer in Iraq Accidentally Blows Up His Class
These articles give evidence that the government is in complete anarchy and turmoil. These catastrophic events show the division of the Iraqi country and its efforts to build an army of terrorists to spread across the nations. The iraqi government is a democratic government because of its multi-party system and ruling. The Iraqi government is not undergoing democratization because it is defined under the current constitution as an islamic, democratic, federal parliamentary republic. We know this because it is composed of the executive, legislative and judicial branches, along with numerous commissions. These increasing events of violence and anarchy could affect the United States because we make efforts to support the Iraqi government in controlling their society, which in turn burns hatred amongst the rebellious terrorists group who are looking to gain the power of the Untied States federal government.
"Bomb attacks kill 24 in Iraqi Capital". Reuters. 18, February. 2014. Web. <http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/02/18/us-iraq-violence-idUSBREA1G1AY20140218>

Adnan, Duraid. "Iraqi Clerk Says Again He'll Quit Politics". The New York Times. 16, February. 2014. Web. <http://www.nytimes.com/2014/02/17/world/middleeast/iraqi-cleric-who-fought-us-forces-says-he-is-retiring-from-politics.html?_r=0>

Adnan, Duraid. "Suicide Bomb Trainer in Iraq Accidentally Blows Up His Class". The New York Times. 10, February. 2014. Web. <http://www.nytimes.com/2014/02/11/world/middleeast/suicide-bomb-instructor-accidentally-kills-iraqi-pupils.html>
Bomb Attack Kills At Least 24 In Iraq Capitol
Monday, February 17th, multiple bombs landed in the Capitol of Iraq. No one has yet to claim the bombs. 24 people have lost there lives to the explosions, this still remains under investigation.
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