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My Career Shadowing Day

No description

Veronica Anderson

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of My Career Shadowing Day

Double click anywhere & add an idea Type of business is an agriculture company that sells and delivers produce What this company provides our community strawberries, blue berries, oranges, etc. Main Buyers Purpose of the company the purpose of the company is to supply food to the places that buy from them 15 years from now in 15 years the company will probably be the same as it is now or it will be doing better than it is now Salary/ Education they dont get paid on a salary, they get paid by the load. each load pays about $100-$150 depending on what it is and how far its going. you need to have at least a high school degree. you also need to have a CDL Technology used cell phone, CB, AC unit on the trailers, etc. Skills/Social etiquette they have to talk face to face with other people alot so you would need to have proper grammer and manners, etc. Also you have to be able to juge distance well because the truck is so big I wouldnt pursue a career in this bussiness because I dont like dirt and because I wouldnt be able to drive the truck because it is so big NO!! Like/ Dislike I liked that he didnt make me do any dirty work :)
I didnt like that he took so long putting oil, filling up on gas, etc. Going Green they are going green by turning off their trucks when they get down to do things, trying to find out which roads would take less time to travel, and some of the workers reuse old oil bottels, etc.
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