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Hauke Center

PC Construction at Champlain College

John Dawson

on 5 April 2016

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Transcript of Hauke Center

Champlain College Center for Communications
and Creative Media

(cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr
(cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr
Detailed Estimates
Cost Control
Plan and Control Phasing
Limit Temporary Measure Expenditures
Estimate by Program Area
Support Philanthropic Efforts
Plan it Well
> You know the PC Team
> The PC Team knows your Campus
> Focus on Communication
With the A and E Teams
With The College and Student Communites
With the Neighborhood
The PC Estimating Process
Our Key Questions -
How do we construct it?
What makes it work?
What makes it exceptional?
> We know the neighborhood
> We know the campus
> We know the block
> We know Hauke
> We know complex additions and renovations
Make it Easy for Champlain College
Seismic Reinforcement
Utility Infrastructure
3D MEP Coordination
3D Envelope Analysis
PC X-Ray As-Builts
Logistics Plans
Build the Job Virtually
Surgical Approach to Renovation
Keep Haike Fully Operational at all Times
Mitigate Impacts
Logistics Plan
AHJs and Occupancy
Do it Right for Success
Make the Process Enjoyable
Involve Students
Have Fun and Involve
Surgical Approach to Renovation
Keep Hauke Fully Operational at all times
Mitigate Impacts
AHJs and Occupancy
Do it Right for Project Success
"We are particularly impressed by the clarity of communication from PC. From their daily postings of what is happening on site to the method of submitting and processing shop drawings the ease of sharing information has made our construction administration of the project easier... PC’s grasp of new technologies and their commitment to use them for the benefit of the project... to maximize coordination among the different constituents to the building’s construction process."

Paul Viccica
CBT Architects
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