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Hydrogen Fuel: an Alternative Option ?'


Ana Goncalves

on 19 November 2009

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Transcript of Hydrogen Fuel: an Alternative Option ?'

Hydrogen Fuel: an Alternative Option ? What is Hydrogen? It is represented by the symbol H.
It's simble in the periodic table is H1.
Hydrogen is non-toxic, pollution free and is lighter than air.
Hydrogen could be alternative fuel because we are running out of fossil fuels and we are destroying the planet.

What can we use it for? Hydrogen could be an alternative fuel. But why do we need an
alternative fuel? Because there is a shortage of fossil fuels and
fossil fuels are damaging to the environment. If we use hydrogen,
then we could prevent wars over oil. In the future, we plan to
replace fossil fuels with hydrogen, so we could power cars and
machines. Hydrogen in the periodic table Hydrogen is the chemical element with atomic number 1. It is represented by the symbol H. With an atomic weight of 1.00794 u, hydrogen is the lightest element.

Is Hydrogen Safe? Yes. Well, as safe as the fuels we've been using for the last hundred years. Like other fuels, it burns and can even be explosive in a confined space with oxygen. Hydrogen is the smallest of all the atoms, and it is lighter than air. When it does escape confinement, it diffuses rapidly and is non-toxic. Furthermore, hydrogen does not leak when contained in systems designed for it, but can be dangerous if not stored properly. Overall, hydrogen is completely safe. How Do You Produce Hydrogen? Hydrogen is commonly produced by extracting hydrocarbon fossil fuels via a chemical path. Hydrogen may also be extracted from water via biological production, or using electricity (by electrolysis), chemicals (by chemical reduction) or heat (by thermolysis); these methods are less developed for bulk generation in comparison to chemical paths derived from hydrocarbons. The discovery and development of less expensive methods of bulk production of hydrogen will accelerate the establishment of the use of hydrogen. So basically, it's very easy to produce and can be produced in 3rd world countries as well, a definite benefit. Thanks for your attention <:) By: Maddie R. (The Madster)
Ana G. (Sponge Bob lover)
Tania Z. (absolutely insane)
Elena D. (Hmm... cookies...)
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