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New Employee Orientation

No description

Elizabeth Leatherman

on 7 September 2010

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Transcript of New Employee Orientation

Welcome to
Boone County National Bank! Who We Are... Culture History Your Co-Workers
Your Presenter
Your Employer Vision
Guiding Principles
What's Important? Our Roots... Feel free to ask questions
at any time! Who We Are Your
Co-Workers We already know you are special or you wouldn't be here. :)

Write down your name, department, and a few interesting facts about yourself. Your Presenter Human Resources
Undergraduate - Columbia College
Graduate - William Woods University
Military Brat - Born in Japan
Love to Travel
Currently working on Family Tree History Our Vision....
Your Employer One of 13 banks in Central Bancompany
Largest Market share in Columbia
Around for 153 years
Strong Roots, Endless Possibilities
Culture History Departments Where do you fit in? Departments
To Be Missouri's Best Bank
Our Mission....
Extraordinary people providing
extraordinary service for:
Guiding Principles... Legendary Service
Employees who care about customers
coworkers, and our communities
Integrity and confidentiality that inspires
trust and confidence
Opportunities for employee growth
and advancement
Open Communication
A fair return on shareholder investment
The respect of our community
City of Columbia founded (1821)
Moss Prewitt - Successful local businessman
Moss contributed $1,500 to help build the University of Missouri 1821-1830's Early 1850's R.B. Price marries Prewitt's daughter
Prewitt & Price start Private Banking House
This is the beginning of BCNB 1857 Moss Prewitt is elected county treasurer
Bought a safe for his store
Others wanted to use it
Started loaning out the "deposits"
1860's Civil War
Bloody Bill and Guerillas attacked unions
Centralia - moving toward Columbia
Price buried $70K of gold/silver & $150K cash under fence post! 1871 - Early 1900's Final Name - Boone County National Bank
Early 1900's offers check writing services
Entering the age of modern banking! 1917 Opened doors to downtown building
Architect hired from Chicago
Cost $135,000 to build
Marble outside
Bronze doors
Walnut paneling
Ornate bathrooms!
Notice "Bank of Service" Slogan Joined Central Bancompany 1974 Sam Cook -
Chairman of the Board
Bryan Cook, son -
CEO & President
Headquarted in Jefferson City
Combined assets $9 Billion BCNB Today... Deposit base greater than $1 Billion

Largest Market Share in Columbia

Only 5 CEOs in over 150 year history!
R.B. Price, Sr.; R.B. Price, Jr.; Al Price;
Bo Fraser; Steve Erdel Consumer Banking Division Largest Division
17 Branches
Relationship Banking & Classic
Customer Service Center
Serve 6 Communities
Over 20 ATMs
Consumer Lending Lending Consumer Lending
Mortgage Lending
Commercial Lending
Business Banking
Dogwood Insurance
Central Trust &
Investment Co. (CTIC)
Investor Services Other Areas... Accounting/Bookkeeping
Human Resources
Facilities Management
Research Human Resource Paperwork New Employee Handbook
Privacy Policy
Acceptable Use Policy
Code of Conduct
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