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How to Survive the Transition from College to Career

You landed your first job out of college, but there's much to learn transitioning from college life to the office environment.

LendKey www.lendkey.com

on 21 April 2015

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Transcript of How to Survive the Transition from College to Career

This was a preview from our
debt management survival guide

Survival Guide: college to career
1. Plan Your Future Career Goals Now
The average person changes jobs 10 to 15 times during their career. And with your career life spanning 4 decades you can expect to make moves every 3 to 4 years.

Where do you see yourself down the road?

Can you climb the ladder within your current organization?

Or are you expecting to build a reputation with your current colleagues that will serve as an excellent referral for your next adventure?

2. Make Friends
During your first year of college, you and many of your classmates expanded their circle of friends beyond the high-school environment.
Little did you realize that this was practice for your first job. Arriving at a new place of work is an opportunity to build new relationships that can last your career.
Making positive connections can lead to new work opportunities in the future, so stay friendly, sociable and relaxed as you move forward in your industry and you never know what new doors may open.
3. Know the Workplace Culture
Engage in your company culture from day one to familiarize yourself with internal rules and traditions.

Be aware of these expectations early on to make the right impression.

Is your company excited for "casual Fridays" or is more traditional conduct expected at the work place?
You can still maintain your unique personality and personal preferences while respecting the standards of your coworkers and supervisors.

Before you know it, you're a natural fit to the organization.
4. You're Responsible for Your Own Success
Set the tone when you first start a new job by always:
Much like college your performance is completely dependent on your own initiative.

But unlike college, your employer can drop you for not performing at their expectations.

being on time
absorb as much knowledge from management as possible
stay eager for opportunities to expand.
A successful attitude starts with you every day.
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