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Spring Break


Colleen Oswald

on 6 April 2010

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Transcript of Spring Break

Where I would like for spring break
by: Colleen Oswald is............ California What i would like to see
California Is the Hollywoods sign It is located on Mt. lee in
Griffith Park Hollywood
Walk of Fame The complete list of over 2ooo
stars on the walk of fame The Wax Museum Its located on
6767 hollywood boulevard California Theme Parks California theme parks are famous in the world for being fun and lively places California movies
Studios Hollywood and south California are most famous for there movies studio Aquarium of the Pacific The Aquarium of the Pacific has a remarkable Aquarium and glimpse in the wounders of the Pacific Six Flags Hurricane habor Six Flags hurricane habor is the best place to beat the heat in South California Hollywood Bowl The Hollywood bowl is a famous amphitheather that can be found in hollywood area in los angles Kodak Threatre The Kodak Theater was opened in 2001, its events include Academy Award Ceremony Los Angeles Museums There a lot of museums such as Getty Center and more fun and exciting museums Los Angeles Zoo The Los Angeles Zoo was opened in 1966 and has been going strong ever since Rodeo Drive Rodeo Drive is most reopened shopping strip in Los Angeles , this Famous three- block stretch of shops contains Chanel, Gucci, and ect. Staples Center The Staple Center
is known for hosting the lakers home games Sunset Boulevard
Sunset boulevard is on of the most famous boulevard in Los Angeles Universal Studios Hollywood You're in hollywood the Nerve Center of the entertainment industry Los Angeles- Angels When you come to Los Angeles consider coming to a home game for the Angeles Malibu Beach Malibu California stretches 21 miles, malibu
beach is consider one of the best beaches in L.A. Work Cited
www. Google.com
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