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Global english

No description

lorna mcginn

on 21 October 2014

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Transcript of Global english

"Accents in Call Centres in India"
Claire Cowie
Cross-Cultural Communication
English is progressing within third world communities

'The Outer Circle'
Kachru's Model
'Outer Circles'
as educational frameworks

Will American or British standards lead to an imbalance in linguistic diversity?
Global Colonisation
Change in colonial rule is generally followed by a shift in '
world language

Example: Latin
(early world language)
(modern world language)
"International English in the Global Village"
'Fundamentally dissimilar' as a lingua franca

There are more people in the world that speak English as a second language as opposed to native speakers
Global English
CU4128- New Media, Language
and Globalisation
Amy O'Connor - 11112603
Lorna McGinn - 11128747
Marie Enright - 11132728
Rebecca Maher - 11125209
"International English in the Global Village"
Marko Modiano
Background of "Excellence"
"Soft skills" training agency

Founded in 1999

The company attracts transnational corporations

Predominately American and British customers
The Centripetal Circles of International English
"Accents in Call Centres in India"
Study of an agency in India which focuses on accent training

Huge media interest in these centres in recent times

Study focuses primarily on one particular agency;
Training in 'Excellence'
Batches of 20 recruits, trained in 3-week stints

Training in five main areas: Customer Care, Culture, Attitude, English, and Phonetics
"The study and classification of speech sounds"

Major part of the training

Above all else, phonetics classes are to provide
"accent neutralization"
Grey area over what client companies expect

'Excellence' forced to identify client's wants and needs; American/British accent etc
Specific requirements often requested. For example: "enhanced accents"

Most common request was for a neutral accent or neutralisation
EIL as an Education Model
Inner Circle
represents Britain and it's original colonies
Distribution of EIL
English is part of the public domain

Average population speaking English fluently in '
outer circle
' countries is just over 20%

Exception: India
Expectations in
"India's advantage over other countries is that English is pervasive and call centres operators have found that it only takes six weeks to get Indians talking with an American accent"
(Das 2002)
"It is true that Indian English speakers are trained to talk in less obviously Indian accents so that they have an acceptable, neutralised pronunciation...there are language trainers who claim to be able to get Indian English speakers to talk in various local accents"
(Davies 2004)
Dr Helen Kelly-Holmes
Thanks for listening

Any questions
Heterogenization & Homogenization
We will be framing our presentation in terms of homogenization and heterogenization.
Linguistic heterogenization:
regional language being widely spread and accepted by other societies, cultures and countries. (Reading 1)

Linguistic homogenization:
occurs in modern states where regional dialects are marginalized and a standard dialect is advanced as the primary method for acceptable public communication.
(Reading 2)
Application of Framework
Reading 1 highights how coloquial dialect and forms of English are becoming widespread. Is this a better alternative to a global standard of English?
Reading 2 shows the neutralization of dialects and the application of a global standard. (Homogenization)
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