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Pearl Harbor

No description

mikaela Hammitt

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor
Mikaela Hammitt
6th Period
Pearl Harbor Pearl Harbor: Other names
operation z
Hawiian operation http://www.wtj.com/articles/pearl_maps/ Attack on Pearl Harbor Pearl Harbor summary:
when: December 7th 1941,
where: Pearla Harbor, O'ahu Hawaii, west of honolulu
importance: took out many initial american ships and soldiers, also took U.S. completely by surprise

Pearl Harbor Attacks Pearl Harbor on a map
air strategy
suicide attacks Japanese planes Japanese Strategy: Weapons iron bombs
surprize iron bomb diagram torpedoe diagram Casualties: estimates 2,403 pearl harbor related deaths for America
estimated 1,178 wounded Americans
estimated 55 deaths of Japanese
no prizoners
no winner (this attack was mainly to show the capability of the Japanese army)
Estimated number of U.S. aircrafts damaged: 162 a Pearl Harbor Memorial Interesting Facts: 1. one of the most successful surprize attacks in military history
2. 6 Japanese midget submarines participated in the attack
3. on of the midget submarines was sunk after an attempt to enter the harbor A FEW HOURS before the attack
4. The U.S. entered the war within 60 days of the attack
5. All but three sunken U.S. ships were repaired within four years
Japanese Midget Submarine Sources:
google images
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