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Sand StormsMichael

No description

Network School

on 8 October 2016

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Transcript of Sand StormsMichael

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Sand storm you can find it in hot regions For Example sahara desert.
Where can you find sandstorm
What is a sandstorm?
A sandstorm is when the wind carries up the sand in to the air.

It takes the sand layers by layers

What causes the sandstorm?
Wind! They lose soil and the air pressure went up.

The material in the air can hit people.
Sand Storms By:Michael

What will you do when there is a sandstorm?
If you have a shirt or a sweater you can cover your nose.

You will need to run
Time for video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for watching!!!!

More fun facts
Most storms bring rain or snow, but how about sand? A sandstorm happens when great gusts of wind pick up sand and carry it for miles and miles. The clouds carrying the sand can be miles long. When the sandstorm hits, you’re engulfed in sand and debris. You can’t see anything and your eyes, mouth and nose are coated with sand.
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