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Happy Land Social C

No description

Ryan SHoffstall

on 21 April 2017

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Transcript of Happy Land Social C

Happy Land Social Club
Ryan Shoffstall

The club was ordered closed in 1988
Safety violations
Juilo Gonzales and his rocky relationship with Lydia Feliciano
"Fuego! Fuego!"
The argument between Juilo and Lydia
"I will be back! I'll shut this place down!"
$1 worth of gasoline purchased by Juilo that he used to start fire

March 25, 1990
Progression of the blaze
The flames quickly ensued the front entrance
The door to the stair well became red hot from the flames in the entrance
The downstairs entrance was opened and the fire quickly overcame the stairwell which resulted in the second floor being filled with toxic smoke
6 survived the fire that night
At the Scene
First to respond in 3 minutes of being notified was Ladder Company 58
19 bodies were pulled from the stairwell
68 bodies we pulled from the second floor
Over the next few days, a tidal wave of grief and anguish swept over the South Bronx
The Clubs Fire Safety Issues
There was only 2 exits in the building
1 was the entrance and the other was one that was only known by the staff
The entrance led straight to a stair well which led to the second floor
The second floor had no means of exit besides the stairs leading up to it
Capture and Arrest
Juilo watched the blaze from across the street
He confessed to his neighbor about starting the fire
He was arrested a day later where he confessed to the arson
Juilo was sentenced to 87 counts of arson and 87 counts of murder
Before the Blaze
Bronx, New York
Arson and mass murder
The loss of life could have been avoided if the city had followed up with the club closure
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