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11 Birthdays

Look at my prezi and then you'll see what my book is about!!Clue:read the title

Bahasht Khoshnaw

on 4 June 2011

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Transcript of 11 Birthdays

By:Wendy Mass -Charachters-
*Angelina D'Angelo-A woman that is an echantmenter and has been in for as long as anyone can remember
*Leo-A boy that has black hair, is a trouble-maker at times, and has been best friends with Amanda for as long as anyone can remember (until that year Amanda and Leo got into a fight)
*Amanda-Blond-haired and doesn't like breaking rules
*Stephanie-Amanda's best friend since Amanda and Leo's fight and likes gymnastics and cheerleading
*Kylie-Amanda's sister, isn't very nice to her sister, and is one of the coolest people in her school. Charachters By:Wendy Mass Summary
My book, 11 Birthdays, is about a girl, Amanda, and a boy named Leo. They were born on the same day and always did their birthdays' together. But on their tenth birthday, Leo learned that their are some words you can't take back. After their tenth birthday, Amanda and Leo didn't talk to each other for a whole year, well until the day of their 11th birthday. They kept repeating their day over and over and nobody noticed it except them. While they were repeating their day over, they met this weird woman, Angelina, and kept seeing her over and over. They found out that their great grandfathers once were also repeating their day over and that Angelina was the one that put this enchantment on their great grandfathers and it passed onto them. They fixed this enchantment by keeping the flowers they planted together when they were 6. Do I like this book? Would i reccomend it?
Yes, I like this book. I would definitely reccomend this book. Self vs. Self:
Amanda decides whether or not to fake sick.
Person vs. Person:
Amanda and Leo fight for a year. Internal and External Conflicts 11 Birthdays The End
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