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Memory Defense

No description

Alexandre Audebeau

on 3 September 2015

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Transcript of Memory Defense

The Company
My Missions
First experience
Bodet Osys, IT Services company for MES (Manufacturing Execution System) solutions

Current company
Shortways, Software publisher of a virtual assistant for ERP & CRM
Proudness and challenges

Confirm my choice to be a lead developper,
certainly in front-end projects

Want to enhance the scope of my knowledge

Improve the way I work and behave
Software publisher Start Up created in 2011 by Toan Nguyen

Based in Laval

10 employees

Provide assistance/guide to ERP & CRM users with a virtual assistant

Groups like Sodexo, Total and Lafarge

Joined in 2013
The virtual assistant : Shortcuts
Desktop & Web version
Work on ERP, CRM and others (Excel, SAP, Oracle...)

Cloud platform providing information/reporting on Shortcuts usage
Customer dashboard to measure Return On Investment
Discovering a new company and a new work environment

Discovering Agile method

My main project
Creation of a new solution: Cloudways
New technologies and new frameworks
Technological watches

Work on front-end part
Different components
Redesign of the Back-Office
Realisation of an API
Agile method
Using Roadmaps to define goals
Sprints every month to make a work summary
Using of a Kanban Board to organize development team

Bugs management & customer requests
Priority in front of current development
Making Proof Of Concept to study possibilities of new features

Alexandre Audebeau - M2I Shortways
How Shortways gave me the desire to be a Developer
My Other Missions
Working on company's new website

Working on Shortcuts
Realisation of some POC
Resolving bugs

Workshops to reorganize team because of director's departure

Integration to release cycle

Kanban Board
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