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How To Write An Essay

The simple and easy steps to wring a great essay.

Brandon Newell

on 24 February 2011

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Transcript of How To Write An Essay

The Art Of Writing An Essay How To Write An Essay Worth Reading By: Brandon Newell Writing This should be something that you enjoy Different types of essays to write The following rules are mainly for these types of essays Remeber Practice makes perfect Narrative Persuasive Expository Open- Ended What Must Be Included In An Essay Thesis Statement This is written in the beginning of the essay Supporting Details These are here to defend your topic Introduction *Thesis Statement Body Paragraphs *Supporting Details Conclusion *Closing Statement Tells the reader what you are writing about in a single sentence What can be added to enhance the peice of literature Point Of View *Every essay has to be told by someone 1st person- Told by Yourself 2nd person- Told to someone else Say words such as I Say words such as You 3rd person- Not in the story but talking about it Say words such as he or she Elaboration Put your essay in order And
do not go off on tangents about things that has nothing to do with the essay Transitions Give the essay a nice flow Prepositions They give a different way of reading the same sentences Hook This is what draws people into your essays Made in first paragraph
(make it good) Literary Devices Make the essay interesting G.U.M.S Grammar Usage Mechanics Spelling Basically spell correct and use your grammar in the right ways IF you follow what i say You will be on your way To writing A good essay A short story explaining an event
These are usually fictional
Examples: Children Stories An Essay trying to get people
on you dise of thinking
Examples: Political Speeches An Essay that trys to expose the
truth behind a guote or adage
Examples: Quote/Adage Essays An Essay that that answers a question.
It must reach certain bullet points
Examples: Writings on tests Enough Paragraphs to tell a story Should be 5 paragraphs and can contain a
rebuttle which would make it 5-6 This should be 4-5 paragraphs Your opinion is aloud to be different Each bullet point must have it's own paragraph Personification- giving life to an object Metaphors/Similies- comparing one thing to another Oxymorons- A contradictory phrase: rolling stop MAKE SURE TO use a comma after them
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