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robot cleaners

No description

Mathew Burton

on 15 October 2015

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Transcript of robot cleaners

History of Robot Cleaners
The best robot cleaner is called Neato Vx. The Neato Xv cost $267.97
When was the first on made

The first robot cleaner was made in 1997.
How many unit have been sold in 2014

As of Feb 2014, over 10 million units have been sold worldwide
In 2001, the british technology company Dyson built and demonstrated a robot vacuum know as the DC06.
W hat is the newest newest robot cleaner
The newest robot cleaner is called Irobot Roomba.
Why we need robot cleaners
We need robot cleaners beacause it might be alot of work to do. So that is why you need a robot cleaner. a robot cleaner pickes up dirt,leaves, and anything else that is in your house.
How long have they been around
How long have robot cleaners been around? Robot cleaners have been around since 1997-2015.
What they do
Robot cleaners go around the house and pick up dirt and anything else that is on the floor. while you are not there.
Who made it
Best robot cleaner and how much does it cost.
by: Mathew Burton
How to make it clean
The arrow is pointing at a button. That button starts it and then it will start to move and clean up the dirt.
What is my opinon about robot cleaners.
My opinoin is that they are good but the one that really works good is called Roomba.
How much does the Roomba cost
The Roomba cost $899.99
Where does the Roomba come from.
The Roomba comes from China.
Top 5 best robot cleaners.
What is inside the cleaner.
I chose robot cleaners because I was wanting one so I don't have to clean and they are really cool. the time they started making them was in 1997. The types of robot cleaners are called. The Roomba and the next is the Neato Vx.
Why did they make robot cleaners
They made Robot Cleaners because the maids have so much work to do so they can use a Robot Cleaner to help them clean.
Hi my name is Mathew Burton, and here I am going to teach you about Robot Cleaners. I will teach you about how it works and what it does .
These are my Three sources
The first robot cleaner
dyson was the compony who made them
in 2014 10,000 units have beed sold worldwide
the roomba was created in 2002
What I think about Robot Cleaners are good because they are helpful for people who have to clean big buildings and Schools and other big places because cleaning those by yourself is really hard.So what I think that they should keep on making more of them so it could work way better.
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