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Imperfect Spiral

No description

Cheyenne McGee

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Imperfect Spiral

Imperfect Spiral
The story is based around 15 year old Danielle after she decides not to attend summer camp due to her panic attacks. While her friends attend camp she decided to take on a babysitting job for her neighbors, the Dankers. She was hired to watch their 5 year old son, Humphrey. They immediately had a connection. Humphrey soon sees how Danielle threw a football to him on trip to the park. She could throw a perfect spiral pass. He was amazed. She promised their summer goal was to have him throwing a spiral by the end of summer. But one horrific accident occurs that changes everything. One day after a long evening at the park playing like they always did, on there way home together Danielle accidentally drops the football and Humphrey decided to run after the ball into the street. He was hit by a car and killed. Soon after the accident the community is using the accident as a building block for the township to put in sidewalks and street lights. Danielle however is just trying to cope on how not to blame herself.
Rising Action
Danielle meets Justin, she recognized him from the many visits to the park with Humphrey. They became close friends and she felt he was the one person she could talk to without just trying to get the story of the accident.
Imperfect Spiral is taken place in a quite community called Franklin Grove, a suburb outside of Washington D.C. The time setting of the story is based around current time.
Mrs. Raskin, she is a nearby neighbor to Danielle and a "friend" to the Danker family. She is constantly adding fuel to the fire of the accidents situation and is constantly hinting everyone blames her for the accident.
Falling Action
Memorable Quotes
Personal Opinion
by: Cheyenne McGee
Danielle Snyder
15 year old teenager who is a sophomore in high school. who takes on a summer babysitting job after she decides to stay home from summer camp and babysits Humphrey Danker while Mrs. Danker goes to have radiation for breast cancer.

Humphrey Danker
is 5 years old boy who loves challenging vocabulary words. He dreams of being able to throw a perfect spiral with Danielle.
Danielle, because she is constantly trying to over come he emotional issues and tries to be optimistic about everything.
On the day of Humphreys funeral
Danielle revives a call from a Danker
family friend that it would be a better
idea if she did not attend the funeral.
Danielle decided to attend one of Justin's hockey games with some friends to get out of the house. While waiting for a previous game to start a Ref is hit in the neck with a puck and goes into cardiac arrest. Justin immediately performs CPR until the paramedics arrived. He saved the refs life. But once the paramedics arrived with the police Justin was nowhere to be found. Danielle later finds him acting very strange after he decides to skip his game avoiding the staff wanting to thank him for taking action.
After Justin's strange mood after the game, he comes to Danielle's house. He was avoiding the staff and went to hide from the police and paramedics because he is an illegal immigrant. His parents are the same illegal immigrants that drove the car that stuck and killed Humphrey Danker.
One of the major conflicts is this story is man vs. self. Danielle throughout the book blames herself and tries to think what would Humphrey do? If I would have just done this would he still be here?
Danielle receives a long needed call from Mr. Danker. He apologized for their behavior and it wasn't meant toward Danielle. She goes over and sits down with Mrs. Danker. They immediately start crying. Danielle apologizes and Mrs. Danker tells her there is nothing to be sorry for.She just wanted Danielle to tell her about what was Humphreys last day like. Danielle finally got what she was longing for. To talk about Humphrey.
This book was probably one of the best books I have read in a long time. I highly recommend it! Its kinda more in the league for girls because is is based around teen girls mostly.The characters are easy to relate to which i think helps people feel more connected to what they are reading. Great Book!
Danielle Snyder
- "But everything happened so fats. Sometimes accidents just happen."
- "It wasn't for nothing, having Humphrey for five and a half years was not for nothing."
Everyone goes threw difficult things in life, but the worst way to deal with them is to keep it all bottled up to yourself. Everyone needs one person to vent to.
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