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Market pull and Technology push

No description

Joe Hickman

on 18 October 2011

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Transcript of Market pull and Technology push

Market pull
This is problem solving. It starts with a need for a product and it is up to the designer to think of a creative way to solve the problem. Technology push This is where the designers work to improve their exsiting products. apple ipad apple ipad 2 The market required a tablet made by apple. The designers needed to update the model for a new market. toyota hybrid there is a huge market demand for more environmentally friendly cars. the hybrid car is one of the answers to the problem, it has an electric motor and runs on battery power as much as possible. the iphone 4 is an example of technology push as the previous iphone was not meeting the current market standerd due to other brands releasing better phone such as blackberry. the audi r8 is an example of market pull as other companies were getting all the market as they were producing quick road cars such as the porcshe 911. market pull and technology push
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