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Group 32D - Beers

Jacinta Morgan, Matilda Unbehauen, Louise Gettingby, Ben Taylor & Ross Young

Matilda Unbehauen

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Group 32D - Beers

Formed in 2000
Based in Fremantle, Western Australia, where a second brewery opened in Geelong in 2008
Most popular product is the Little Creatures Pale Ale, with others including; Rogers (amber ale), Little Creatures Pilsner', Little Creatures Bright Ale (golden ale), and Pipsqueak (apple cider)
Sold to Japanese-controlled Lion in 2012 for $380m Established in Mexico in 1925. First imported into Australia in 1985
Previously imported to Australia by Foster's Group, however last year Lion Group obtained the rights
One of the top selling beers worldwide. Australia's most popular imported beer (an estimated 4.3% of the market in Australia with 7.2 million cases sold a year) Brewed by Carlton United Brewers (CUB)
Origins date back to 1854
Australia's largest brewer: over 50% market share of the off-premise beer
Wide range of products: Carlton Draught, VB, Foster's, Crown Lager, Pure Blonde, as well as many ciders such as Strongbow and Bulmers
Carlton Draught is one of their most common beers (3rd highest market share in Australia at 9.3%) RECOMMENDATION CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR COMMUNICATION POSITIONING BRANDING PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE PRODUCT OFFERING $39.99 $50.99 $65.99 per carton per carton per carton Core Product Expected Product Augmented Product Potential Product An alcoholic beverage that quenches thirst Taste fermented
Be fizzy, with alcoholic content
Expected to help the consumer relax= a social lubricant
Comes in a bottle or can, and in different quantities Sells at a very competitive price within the beer market (approx. $40 a carton)
Offers consumers a choice in regards to packaging and consumption (bottle or can)
Offers a beer that is light in carbohydrates to appeal to consumers who value products which enable them to lead a healthier lifestyle Provides a beer that is unmistakably light in colour and is produced overseas in Mexico. It is expected that Corona will be of higher quality and unique to anything domestically produced. Provides a variety of niche beers at a higher than average price point where the products are aimed at the beer-enthusiast
Consumers expect the product to be of much higher quality, and that production utilises the finest processes and ingredients
Selective distribution: further emphasising consumers expectation that the product be elite and exclusive Establish new product markets by introducing a non-alcoholic beer or a low calorie diet beer for the more health conscious
Also, they could introduce a clothing and accessories line or a range of bar ware BEER SURVEY Carlton Corona Little Creatures Jacinta Morgan
Matilda Unbehauen
Louise Gettingby
Ben Taylor
Ross Young Viral Marketing Continued Growth Brand Awareness OBJECTIVE To raise awareness about Little Creatures and their products. IDEA To find someone to fulfill position of the "Best Job in the World" - beer taste tester for Little Creatures. The position is a real, paying job to taste different beers and report back regularly.

Posting the want ad in regular employment classifieds, the use of regular media outlets, and social networking pages, numerous people will apply. Cognitive Behaviour Communication Hierarchy Model Affective Publicity raises awareness
Facebook, YouTube and Twitter ensure active involvement in spreading message (word of mouth)
Gain knowledge through direction to Little Creatures website Existence of position suggests Little Creatures product is superior in quality
Initiates preference and likening through framing Need other mediums (e.g. sales promotion and in-store demonstrations) to support other stages Integrated Marketing Campaign (IMC)
Public relations
Advertising Existence of position suggests Little Creatures product is superior in quality
Initiates preference and likening through framing Need other mediums (e.g. sales promotion and in-store demonstrations) to support other stages Integrated Marketing Campaign (IMC)
Public relations
Advertising Integrated Marketing Campaign (IMC)
Public relations
Advertising Existence of position suggests Little Creatures product is superior in quality
Initiates preference and likening through framing Need other mediums (e.g. sales promotion and in-store demonstrations) to support other stages Target Market
More 'experienced' beer drinkers with a passion for beer - generally older (40+ years old), with high disposable income Mainly an older crowd (35+ years old) with a higher disposable income, however, has had a recent shift towards young people Positioning
Perceived as being a cheap alternative beer that can be enjoyed whilst watching sport and having a good time with mates A craft beer that is produced in smaller quantities and with greater care, resulting in the perception that it is of a much higher quality compared to most of its competitors. Perceived by the Australian market as being a comparatively high-end imported beer. It is a bit more costly than most of its competitors, but also seen as a better quality Marketing Mix Effectively reaches its target through excessive promotion through sport, particularly the NRL and AFL. Also uses entertaining commercials that capture the attention of younger audiences, for example: At this point they have not established a substantial share of the market due to a lack of target marketing. They need to construct a marketing mix that appeals to their target market and entices them to purchase their product Has extended its target market to include younger people through "From Where You'd Rather Be" campaign - a series of T.V and print ads that feature young people drinking Corona in exotic locations (such as the beaches of Mexico) The 'Big Ad' of 2005 Available from: <http://theinspirationroom.com/daily/2005/carlton-draught-beer-big-ad/ > Available from:
<http://www.adventure-journal.com/2010/12/western-mexico-is-where-youd-rather-be/> Available from:
<https://www.carltondraught.com/> Men (18-40 years old), often students, who have a lower disposable income. Also have a particular emphasis on the sporting culture of Australia Brand Associations Carlton:
'Big Ad'
Reflected in the survey with 100% of people being able to associate the Carlton logo with the beer Corona:
Consumers would often associate Corona with their “From Where You’d Rather Be” ad’s.
Portrays a laid back lifestyle that is affiliated with drinking Corona beers Little Creatures:
Niche product
Less advertising so makes it harder for the public to associate themselves with the beers Brand Awareness Carlton:
Carlton has very strong brand name awareness (established in 1864) Little Creatures:
Established in 2000 in Fremantle, therefore is just starting out and diversifying with numerous beers
Little brand awareness - is in the expansion phase Brand Loyalty Corona:
Established beer leads to the more established beer-consumer drinking this beer (higher income)
These consumers tend to be more brand loyal Little Creatures:
In the expansion phase so people are just beginning to take a liking to it
Consumers becoming more loyal with time Corona:
Imported beer, which is not the most favoured beer in America or Mexico which is a reason for the exporting. In Australia it is perceived as being of a high quality Carlton:
Consumers would like to think that they are getting value for money through drinking the beer. It is a relatively cheaper beer but with different types and tastes. There is a beer for most people and the quality is of a relatively high standard Little Creatures:
Being a small brewery, there is a focus on producing quality, local beer. Consequently, it has high brand quality and is, therefore, a bit more expensive Brand Quality Cognitive Affective Behavioural Carlton:
Advertising towards the younger target market - often less loyal and can be flustered by price changes
Young customers purchase on convenience - sensitive to price Introduction Growth Maturity Decline Does not carry out considerable promotional effort in order to raise product awareness. Can be found in most retail stores and can be bought directly from their brewery Little Creatures Maintains its market share through expanding its distributor base, remaining competitive in price and in store sales promotions
Emphasises its overseas production
Currently the major sponsor of Men’s Tennis ATP World Tour Corona Carlton Marketing task to retain its large market share and reinforce brand loyalty
Carlton constantly revives and preserves its image through ‘cult’ advertisement campaigns Carlton also runs sales promotions in stores and pubs to remain competitive
Carlton is also a major sponsor for Super Rugby’s Queensland Reds and New South Wales Waratahs. Moreover, it has upheld a long association with the Australian Football League Stimulate or direct desire Conviction is established Should result in purchase Develops a liking for the product Starts to change the feelings and attitudes A preference starts to form Exposure to product Increased
awareness Information about the product CONSUMER RESPONSE HIERARCHY Corona:
Corona is stronger globally than Carlton, with Carlton being traditionally an Australian beer.
Corona has exported its beer around the world since being established in Mexico in 1925, which has increased its brand awareness (bigger market place) Core features are communicated but lacks knowledge component
Image copy: The ‘Big Ad’ parodies the visual battle style of Lord of the Rings. Directs a liking to Carlton.
Behavioural Stage: through use of in-store promotions, conviction is built among the potential consumers. Also assists the purchase step, where consumers actively seek out information to induce a purchase.
Sponsorships of sports may also help conviction step in those who are fans of sport Affective stage: the realm of emotions provoked from the tagline “from where you’d rather be” makes the viewer feel they need everything that the advertisement embodies
Sells the lifestyle rather than the product
Makes the viewer believe that this drink may bring them closer to satisfying these wants and needs Much lower reach and frequency of promotions due to mediums used
Limited knowledge of product, only awareness due to teaser advertisement
Affective stage: consumers may prefer little creatures but not develop a conviction due to lack of promotion Problem Recognition Information Search Evaluation Purchase Carlton’s assimilation with the average Australian male
‘Enjoying a beer with your mates’
Male beer-drinker becomes aware of the difference between the desired state and actual condition
"Miles away from ordinary” and “from where you would rather be”
Provokes the recognition of a previously non-existent problem (current state is anything but calm and tropical) "Open up a little”
Persuaded non-beer-drinkers or non-beer-enthusiasts to open up and try something new External information through its internet site, social networking pages
Information listed on Carlton’s website is very credible
Social networking pages generate highly valued information - word-of-mouth Corona holds an Internet site, and social networking pages for the exploitation of word-of-mouth
The website includes an events page (e.g. in-store demonstrations) Little Creatures only medium that contains relevant information is their internet site
Contains links to social networking pages
Links to alcohol review sites “Preservative and additive free our Pale Ale is live-yeast conditioned for unmatched freshness and character and takes about six weeks from brewing to being released” competitive price distribution in-store promotions
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