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Interactive Media Platforms: Part 1

A presentation which demonstrates a variety of different interactive media platforms that video is used on.

Chandra Khan

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of Interactive Media Platforms: Part 1

Interactive Media
Platforms A presentation which demonstrates a variety of different interactive media platforms that video is used on. Digital Camera Computer/ iPads Examples of popular digital camera brands: Examples of online access to videos: Examples of social networking sites: Internet BBC News
ITV News
Channel 4 News
Sky News DVD payers
Blu ray players
Mp3 players
Mp4 players Television BBC News
ITV News
Channel 4 News
Sky News Record
Rewind Sky+
Virgin Media Other examples of video platforms: iPhones
HTC Video Game Consoles YouTube
BBC Iplayer
ITV Player
Sony Entertainment Network Text Messaging
Microsoft Office
Adobe Flash Image sites:

Videos, Music and Music Videos sites:
Keepvid Nintendo DS
Nintendo Wii
XBOX YouTube
Blogger A digital camera is a device that records still images and moving pictures on an electronic image sensor, which is then stored immediately. In addition, it can also be transferred onto a computer system and than you can edit and/or upload and share the images or videos on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Record still images
Record moving pictures
Edit images and video clips
Transfer and transmit to a computer system
Upload and share to social networking sites. A computer is an electronic device that stores information and data on various forms of formats. This is essentially a huge element in our lives as it has access to a range of applications such as the internet for socializing, researching, downloading music, videos etc. and for entertainment purposes.
In addition to this, there are also Microsoft office for work, accounting formats and spreadsheets for businesses, and documents to upload and store images and videos for personal use. The internet is an international network that gives the individual users the right to access various programs such as social networking sites like Facebook,Twitter and Tumblr and entertainment websites like YouTube. Furthermore, there are also a variety of online shopping sites such as Amazon and Sainsbury’s, educational websites like Bitesize, and news websites like BBC News. Television is a system of optical images and sound which uses the properties of transmitting moving images for entertainment and educational purposes. Video game consoles is an interactive computer system that is displayed by a video signal. This allows the individual users to view, play and interactive with the video game that is currently being displayed. Examples of downloading
images, videos and music sites: Examples of Broadband: Electronic Devices: Mobile phones/ smartphones: Smart television: Sony
Samsung YouTube
Netflix Facebook
Hotmail Examples of news websites: Nikon
Panasonic The following are a list of things that you can do with digital camera: Upload and share your images/ video clips on: Examples of video game consoles: Examples of internet uses: Examples of control of videos: Examples of news programs: Examples of formats used in phones:
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