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VF ExitScan-2

Demonstration of use: 2-step whole body contamination monitor

Radim Bondy

on 8 April 2015

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Transcript of VF ExitScan-2

When used, doors are locked.

Yellow signal light is on.
The monitor is ready for use
(doors can be opened)
when green light is on.
ExitScan-2 can be delivered
either with pair of hinged
door or without them.
Upon entry, the monitor provides
audible and visual instructions for
correct positioning in both steps.
On each side, there is a signaling panel
which helps with correct positioning.

Seven sensors are showing
correct/wrong position of specific body parts.
Incorrect position of head,
or body
is indicated by red lights on display and by audible prompts.
When the correct position is reached the measurement starts automatically.
ExitScan-2 uses sophisticated algorithms providing as quick as possible measurement.
After completion of the first step, the ExitScan-2 provides visual and audible
The ExitScan-2 is equipped with information panels on both sides. At each moment the personnel is informed about the body positioning and elapsed time.
if no contamination is found all detectors are green illuminated,
After second step the measurement is evaluated,

and measurement results can be displayed on the PLC display.
The doors are unlocked on the exit side.
Whenever contamination is found,
visual and audible signalization is
turned on.
Location of the contamination is
shown on the detector overview
for both steps of the measurement.
ExitScan-2 series

2-step whole body
contamination monitor
Each step of measurement can be
done in few seconds.
instructions how to proceed with the second step.
The doors are unlocked on the entry side.
smart scintillation technology
PLC based
industrial reliable system
Superb geometry
with high efficiency measurement
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