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business plan

mariana ortiz

on 21 August 2016

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Transcript of SoLatino

Business Plan
Carmen Schmid
Dimitry Dubinin
James Tshamala
Mariana Ortiz
Ulises Hidalgo

S Latino

Table of content
Company description
-Products & Services

Market Analysis
Permits & licenses
Financial data
Organization & staffing
Mission SoLatino

“We want to be the leading Latin-American restaurant and Bar in Beijing offering affordable, high quality Latin American food and beverages inspired by traditional recipes and supported by a unique possibility to experience different Latin dance styles on our exquisite dance floor.”

Short term objectives

Complete all legal formalities.
Be the first full service Latin Restaurant and Bar in Beijing.
Set up Guanxi with SoLatino’s customers and suppliers.
Provide superior customer service.
Create an excellent working atmosphere.

Long term Objectives
Get profitable from the 3rd year on
Expand our marketing activities
Increase the number of menus
Build up a good and durable reputation
Enlarge customer base
Build a well-known brand name
Expansion of business concept (new events, expansion to other Chinese cities, etc.)


Restaurant & Bar

Permits & licenses
Health and Food Hygiene License
(Municipal Health Bureau)
Food Distribution License
Food Distribution License (SAIC)
Env. Impact Application Form
Alcohol Permit Registration
(Health and hygiene Bureau)

Excellent location for multi-purpose entertainment and restaurant
Criterias for selection
Access to customers and suppliers.
Local regulations.
Availability of possible competitors.
Infrastructure and easy access.
Square meters availability and rental prices.
Main service
Add value
The Latin experience
Concept of

Financing required
Organization & staffing
Hierachical structure
13 member staff
Training in quality service to the customer
General Manager
Finance manager
Mkt manager
Front of the house
Executive chef

Security guard
Head chef
SoLatino provides a menu of selected dishes from different countries of Latin America, made with the best quality products letting the customer experience the traditional flavor of such dishes
Financing required to purchase assets and cover working capital required

Rent/operating costs:
Security deposit 25,000 RMB
First- 3 month rent 75,000 RMB
First-3 month utilities, including Internet and phone service 4,000 RMB

Location improvement costs:
Construction of customized build out, including kitchen 1,200,000 RMB
Restaurant tables and furniture 120,000 RMB
Table wear, utensils, dishes, kitchen, and bar equipment 85,000 RMB
Initial supply of food and beverages 50,000 RMB

Miscellaneous opening expenses:
Food & Beverage WFOE - RMB 500,000 ~ RMB 1 million
Ordering and payment technology 20,000RMB

Menus 10,000 RMB
Fliers/ads/coupons 5,000 RMB
Business cards 1,000 RMB

Important assumptions
We assume China continues a slow-growth economy, without major recession or taxes.

We assume that there are no unforeseen changes in the popularity of the food industry.

We assume that for every dollar spent on advertising, total sales will increase by two times the amount.

Lastly, we assume that the more traffic we generate the more profit we gain.

Sales forecast
Sales Forecast

Break- even analysis
FC= 713,000 RMB
VC= Cost of sales/Average sales=0.36%

BE=713,000/(1-0.36)= 1,114,062

-Financing Required
-Important Assumptions
-Sales Forecasts
-Break-Even Analysis

-Concept SoLatino
In the bar Solatino has a selected list of the best coktails created in Latin America as a delicious snacks for the nigth opening hours (10 pm- 2am)
The Latin sensation


Special playlist
Live performance
Grand total: 2,595,000 RMB which is $422,000

Posters & paintings

Every weekend is focus in a dance style
Classes for costumers

Live music
-Target Market
Marketing Analysis

The strategy
Survey results

Target Market
Individual or couples between 25-50 years old.
Business people, local or foreigners.
Frequent social gathering.
Trend awareness.
74% out of our 88 respondents like or are curious about Latin Culture.

91% are willing to try out foreign food

49% considered music and environment the most important in a bar
No similar competitors
Restaurants that offers mexican, brazilian or tex-mex food.
Alliances with dance schools
"The destination" concept
Publicity and social network
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