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The Waikiki Hotel Cell

What it would be like to visit each cell part and the function of each cell.

Ashley Asamoah

on 15 May 2012

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Transcript of The Waikiki Hotel Cell

The Waikki Hotel
Cell The cell wall surrounds the cell it's self. It is very rigid and thick. It protects the cell from foreign objects. It provides the cell with it's shape. It binds one cell to another. Only plants cell have cell wall because plants do not need movement. The built in doors in the hotel is the boundary between the inside and outside of the hotel. It also allows only certain things like people to go through by shape and size. The managers office (nucleus) is where they control the hotel and everyone in it. It holds all historic information of the hotel. The chef of the hotel distributes food to the costomers(organelles). The chef also stores products and manufacture the kitchen and dining room. The control room of the hotel is where electricity is released. The hallways, stairs and elevators of the hotel are the transportation from parts of the hotel. They carry people and material through the hotel. The cement Cytoskeleton that covers the outside of the hotel keeps the structure of the hotel stable. The lysosomes is where the digest particles of food are transported to the cell membrane for dispose. They destroy worn-out or damaged organelles and get rid of waste materiels. The mail man of the hotel packages the mail and sends them
to people in the hotel. The chef makes it possible for the hotel to manufacture thier own food for the costomers. The manager takes information for the critics and uses it to make the hotel a better place to be. Cell Wall Around a cell Around the hotel The cell wall is the wall around the hotel. the wall gives the hotel stability and shape. It protects the hotel from things that can destroy it and it isolates it fron the outside world. All hotels have walls. Cell Membrane In a cell In the hotel The cell membrane is thin with three layers and is the
boundary between the cell and stuff outside it. The
emipermeable membrane in the membrane allows
stuff like oxygen to go in and out of the cell. Nucleus In the hotel In a cell The nucleus is the control center of the cell. It preforms all the
dministrative tasks of the cell. It contains DNA and structures
which regulate the cell cycle, growth, protein synthesis and
reproduction function. Chromosomes in the nucleus hold all
the genetic information. Cytoplasm In a cell In the hotel The cytoplasm holds different cell organelles. It distributes
food and oxygen to the organelles. Information from the nucleus
goes to the cytoplasm. Nutrients in the cytoplasm help to disslove
waste products made in the cell. It also produces energy and
manufacturing of the parts of cells. Mitochondria In a cell In the hotel The mitochondria often called the power house provides
for the cell energy needs by producing energy when food is broken down. Endoplasmic Reticulum In a cell In the hotel The endoplasmic reticulum connects to other organs to transport nutrients. It connects the nuclear membrane to the cell membrane. Cytoskeleton In the hotel In a cell The cytoskeleton are fibers that interact with each other. They maintain the cell's shape,enable cellular motion and prevents the cell from coming apart and getting weary. Lysosomes In the hotel In a cell The garbage unit in the hotel is where all the bad, damaged and unwanted
material ends up. Golgi Body In a cell In the hotel The golgi body packages proteins and lipids and sends
them to other parts of the cell. The chlorplast makes it possible for plants to manufacture
their own food. This process is called photosynthesis and it
only happens with plants since only plants have chloroplast. Ribosome In the hotel In a cell Ribosomes produce protein by assembling amino acids to form
protein which carry out the cells activities. DNA first produces the
RNA messanger by the process of DNA transcription and genetic
message from the messanger RNA is translated into protein during this process. Chloroplast In a cell In the hotel
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