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LTQ lesson

No description

Jon Leung

on 4 September 2010

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Transcript of LTQ lesson

M203.03 Discuss Communication in a Peer Setting! QUESTION: What is communication? Communication to share knowledge, interests, attitudes, opinions, and ideas
basic way to influence
critical skill for leaders
problem solving How did that make you feel? SENDING: must consider characteristics of reciever
NUMBER of People
Abilities/Language RECIEVING: Message may be Misinterpreted! RESPONSE: Lets sender know message is recieved What dIfficulties occurred? NON VERBAL: eye contact
body posture
facial expression
voice's tone/volume 3 TYPES OF COMMUNICATORS: Aggresive
ASSERTiVE talk over people
narrow minded
aggressive posture hardly say what they want
let others decide
avoids conflict at all costs
only gives hints open and honest
make direct requests
able to disagree
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