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Dahvie Vanity

No description

Eastern Middle School

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of Dahvie Vanity

Dahvie Vanity
Dahvie did not graduate collage but he did graduate high School. He didn't go to collage because he wanted to find his voice and find something he really enjoys.
Work History.
Before becoming a a singer and song writer for the band Blood On The Dance Floor he was a hair dresser. Dahvie has a laptop, a writing pad and a guitar he writes his songs by hearing a beat and just dropping some lyrics and giving it a catchy beat.
Fun Facts!
Dahvie in the front man for the band blood on the dance floor.

The band was formed in 2007 in Orlando, Florida.

Dahvie gives free band merch, tickets for concerts for fans who can not afford it.

Dahvie calls his fans Slash Gash Terror Crew (SGTC)

Dahvie helped many fans recover from self harm through out the years he wrote a song called "You Are The Heart."
Dahvie Vanity ( Jesus David Torres) was born September 5th 1985 in North Carolina. He legally Changed his name to Dahvie Vanity. As a child Dahvie lived very poorly in a trailer but later on he moved to Orlando, Florida for a new and better start.
last year for the holidays Dahvie holded a fun raiser. All the money that he gathered went to some local orphanages. Dahvie said during a video " When i was little my family couldn't afford presents so at a baseball game they gave out some presents. I never knew who they were but i was happy and i want these kids to be happy even if they never know who Blood on the dance floor is or even who I am."
Jeffree star is a huge influence on Dahvie not only because of his unique way of expressing himself through his music but by how much he loves his fans. Another influence on Dahvie is long time best friend Jeremy Brian best known as Jayy Von Monroe by expressing his wild yet caring self to his fans ( Another member of the band blood on the dance floor).
Jesrre Star to the left and Jayy Von Monroe to the right.
The SGTC Flag
Blood On The Dance Floor Band Merch
Blood On The Dance Floor
Dahvie was accused of rape by a 11 year old who posted a video saying that Dahvie sexually touched her. She called herself Jessi Slaughter. In 2011 she admitted that it was all for attention from Blood on the dance floor fans and Dahvie. During this point he was getting so much hate for people and other bands. Dahvie said to this issuse" Haters make me fameus so keep on hating. But if you insult my fans we are going to have a issue "
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