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Copy of Edwards Ethos, Pathos, Logos

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Tracey Womack

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Edwards Ethos, Pathos, Logos

Rhetorical Appeal:
Say WHAT?!

Essential Question: How do writers make their ideas persuasive and convincing?

1. Identify & analyze the

rhetorical appeals of

2. Use logos, pathos, and ethos to convince an audience to have sympathy on you and to take action.

3 Scenarios:

1. You have been caught cheating on a math test.
2. How will you convince your mom and dad to change your curfew time?
3. Convince your friends to ditch the game and go with you to see the movie.
Huh?! What does that mean?

Rhetoric = the art & study of using language persuasively
The Art of Persuasion: Rhetorical Appeals



logic, reasons, argument

-Scientific facts
-Informed opinion
Pathos = words that get at our feelings & emotion

-Vivid description
-Figurative language
-Emotional tone (humor, sarcasm,
Ethos = Author's character or credibility. It's how the author gets us to trust him/her
What effect does ETHOS have on the audience?

Helps reader to see the author as reliable, trustworthy, competent, and credible.

The reader might respect the author or his/her views.
What effect does PATHOS have on an audience?

Evokes an emotional response.
Persuasion by emotion.
Evoking fear, sympathy, empathy, anger, etc.
What's the
of logos on the audience?

Evokes a rational response. Readers get a sense of, “Oh, that makes sense” or “Hmm, that really doesn’t prove anything.”
Identify LOGOS, PATHOS, ETHOS in each of the following statements.
-Author's profession or background
-Appearing sincere, knowledgeable
-Appropriate vocabulary, grammar
-Appropriate language for audience & subject
Let's go back to our warm-up scenarios. Read your response for each.

Label for

Practice Your Art of Persuasion
The Art of Persuasion
Write a convincing persuasive argument for each of the following scenarios and write a convincing persuasive argument.
"The data is perfectly clear: this investment has consistently turned a profit year-over-year, even in spite of market declines in other areas."

"It’s a matter of common sense that people deserve to be treated equally. The Constitution calls it ‘self-evident.’ Why, then, should I have been denied a seat because of my disability?"
•"You’ll make the right decision because you have something that not many people do: you have heart."

•"I’m not just invested in this community – I love every building, every business, every hard-working member of this town."
•"Our expertise in roofing contracting is evidenced not only by our 100 years in the business and our staff of qualified technicians, but in the decades of satisfied customers who have come to expect nothing but the best."

•"The veterinarian says that an Australian shepherd will be the perfect match for our active lifestyle."
Rhetoric in Action
"Our expertise in roofing contracting is evidenced not only by our 100 years in the business and our staff of qualified technicians, but in the decades of satisfied customers who have come to expect nothing but the best."
"He has a track record of success with this company, culminating in some of our most acclaimed architecture to date and earning us Firm of the Year nine times in a row."
"More than one hundred peer-reviewed studies have been conducted over the past decade, and none of them suggests that this is an effective treatment for hair loss."
"Don’t be the last person on the block to have their lawn treated – you don’t want to be the laughing stock of your community!"
"You will never be satisfied in life if you don’t seize this opportunity. Do you want to live the rest of your years yearning to know what would have happened if you just jumped when you had the chance?"
"Ladies and gentlemen of the jury: we have not only the fingerprints, the lack of an alibi, a clear motive, and an expressed desire to commit the robbery… We also have video of the suspect breaking in. The case could not be more open and shut."
Highlight each technique in a different color
You are going to create an "Ethos, Pathos, Logos" bulletin board.
Look through the newspaper and identify examples of each of these persuasive techniques
Look for images and text
Neatly cut out the examples, get them approved, and glue them to the bulletin board.
Ethos, Pathos, Logos
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