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violent video games

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andrew nigro

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of violent video games

Violent Video Gaming

One-eight of the attackers that the us secret service did a review on where cased by interest in video games. Violent video games can effect the from of violence. In the year 2005, the united state had 2,279 murders that were made by teenagers. In japan there were 73 murders. There has been studies that show that a correlation between violent video games usage and increased aggressive behavior and thoughts, increased physiological arousal, and decreased prosaically, or helping, behavior. Increasing reports of bullying can be partially attributed to the popularity of violent video games. The video games often reward the players for violence. Studies say that because they are rewarded they will do it more and more. players exhibit increased aggressive behavior compared to players of video games where violence is punished. A 2000 FBI report includes playing violent video games in a list of behaviors associated with school shootings. Young children are more likely to confuse fantasy violence with real world violence. Violent video games require active participation, repetition, and identification with the violent character. Exposure to violent video games is linked to lower empathy in players. In a 2004 study of 150 fourth and fifth graders by Professor Jeanne Funk, violent video games were the only type of media associated with lower empathy.

There are many different sides to the story between violent video games and linking it with violence. Some may say it has a direct cause to violence and then there is a side when video gamers say it doesn't cause any harm. Will people ever know what it really does to you? Possibly, but for now most research shows that it does cause harm and conflicts with a humans mind. It is difficult to say because everyone is different but there is some conclusive evidence to prove that.

Fraser.A, Padilla-Walker.L,Coyne.S,Nelson.L,Stockdale.L(2012)Associations between violent video gaming, Empathic Concern, and prosocial behavior toward strangers, friends, and family members.Empirical Research.


Polman, H., de Castro, B., & van Aken, M. G. (2008). Experimental study of the differential effects of playing versus watching violent video games on children's aggressive behavior. Aggressive Behavior, 34(3), 256-264.



. Design of this study was randomized into three groups. Independent variable, dependent variable, aggressive behavior.

.The participants were in total 56 teens, 28 boys, and 28 girls. Thirty eight teens were in

. During the Procedure, the teens were unaware of the experiment, and were distributed across three game conditions. 8 boys and 12 girls put in active violent, 10 boys and 7 girls were in passive violent condition, and 10 boys and 9 girls were in non-violent conditions..

.use two 20in television screen each connected to a Sony PlayStation. Each student played three violent (Tekken 3, Medal of Honor, and James Bond) & three non violent games (Crash Bandicoot 2, Gran Turismo 2 and Tony Hawk Proskeater .

. After were then asked to give the names of those who displayed acts of physical, verbal, relational aggression.

In our group we all read articles and then decided that the video games are violent. The age groups that were tested are young adults to teens. These violent video games are teaching teen’s violence because they learn from observation. If they are learning this behavior with no consequences this could lead to the teens having this behavior all though out life.
Materials used in all of these experiments were tests.
In many they used scientific experiments to figure out what happens to people while playing violent video games. In one specific case they used a computer technology reader to see levels of brain activity during violent video game playing. Also with the reader it should levels of care and other emotions drop for a week period during video game playing.

People took careful steps calculating the results and making the experiments possible. There are many different aspects to consider when doing the experiments. You have to round up random people and non biased towards one side. In the paper I read they took up to around 500 people randomly. women and men of different races and age to discover the meaning behind the madness of the video game/violence debate.
Andrew Nigro-250
Joe Paverman-200
Lidya Fister-150
Lisa Lipton-175
Shane Highter-225


Violent video games are increasingly popular with our societies youth today
, creating great concern about negative effects such as aggressive behavior. Future studies should investigate more adolescent and environmental characteristics that could moderate the effect of violent video game play on aggression. Results of experimental studies should note how children display their aggression such as acts of physical or verbal aggression. Also in future research relating violent games and aggression involving children participants should not only investigate whether violent video games lead to aggression but why they do so. Do children become more aggressive because they learn that the use of aggression in video games is beneficial? Or do they become aggressive as they are by video games and want to take revenge? With the results of experimental studies, children should be limited to the exposure of video games or better yet not play them at all to decrease the levels of aggression.

Together as a group we believe violent video games do cause a lot of aggression. we have research to back up our beliefs as well. many of us do play video games but we can see the negative effects behind it. in addition to some of the future changes in experiments, we would add more people in the experiment to get a wider variety of results.
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