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What Do You Know About India?

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Chanjong Yun

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of What Do You Know About India?

What Do You Know About India?
By : Chanjong Yun

Timeline of India's history
In 1905, the British government divided Bengal into separate Hindu and Muslim sections.
In 1920, Mohandas Gandhi became the leader of the Indian independence movement and the Indian National Congress.
In 1940, Muhammad Ali Jinnah demanded that a new country be formed from India for the Muslims, which would be called Pakistan.
In 1956, the British government agreed to grant India independence.
In 1966, Indira Gandhi became Prime Minister and one of the first women elected to lead a nation.
In 1983, India won the cricket world cup.
In 1998, India tested its first nuclear weapon, one of only seven nations to have done so.
In 2000, India's population exceeded to
1 billion.
In 2004 - 2005, a series of natural disasters brought destruction to southern coastal communities.
In 2007, Pratibha Patil became the first female President of India.
Biograpy of Mahatma Gandhi
Mohandas Gandhi was born in the western part of British-ruled India on October 2, 1869. Mohandas Gandhi always wanted independence. He spented 20 years of his life in South Africa fighting with discrimination. He and other people protested against justice in non-violent way.

He went to jail in the years 1922, 1930, 1933 and 1942, because of many reasons. One main reason was he was fighting against the communalism state of the country between the Hindus and Muslims. Even if he went to jail for long time, fhe still didn't quit protesting. Finally in 1947, India got its independence from British.
Jawaharlal nehru
Jawaharal Nehru was borned in Allahabad to Motilal Nehru and Swaruprani in 1889. He was important to India because he became the first Indian Prime Minister. He was also became the head of the Indian Independence Movement and was the father of the third Indian Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi. Those are some reasons why Jawaharal Nehru is one of the famouse person in India.
What is Hinduism?
Karma is one of the religion in Hindu. People believe what you do will come back in future to teach you a life lesson.
Brahman is the highest class amoung the Hindu. It is the impersonal supreme being with which Atman, when enlightened, knows itself to be identical.
Some people believe in Samsara because they think there are eternal cycle of birth, suffering, death, and rebirth. They even think when people die, they might reborn as an any object. So, they don't kill or damage any objects.
3 Hindu Delties
Three major hindu delties are Shaivism, Vaishnavism, and Shaktism
Dharma is a religion of hindu but also moral law governing individual and group conduct.
Let's go to diwali!
Diwali is the one of the most significant festivals is Diwali, or the Festival of Lights. It's a five-day celebration that includes good food, fireworks, colored sand, and special candles and lamps. Better not miss this festivals.
Compare and contrast!
Hindu Marriage
Korean Marriage
1. The wife decorate her hand and feet.
1. Song of Blessing
2. Wears good dresses
2. Wears their tradition shirt.
1. Wears dresses and suits.
2. Most of the people takes trip after they get wedding.
3. Share their love.
3. Have buffet after the wedding.
3. They dance after the wedding.
Thank U 4 Watching!!!
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