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No description

Andrea Hardwick

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of OLIVIA TRA

Chapter 1
Frances Elizabeth Barrow is just one of many to be affected by the Great Depression. She was just informed that her father has committed suicide. His business lost its money and he thought there was no better way to fix this tragedy than to make it even worse.
Chapter 2
She is still in shock of what had happened the night before. Her father was gone forever. But now there was only one problem. She has no home now. Who would take care of Frances now? Where would the servants go? They are sending Frances to her aunts. But there is no where for the servants to go.
Chapter 3
She was getting ready to leave and said her goodbyes to the servants and maids. She started packing and talked to Junius and Mrs. Bailey about being a hobo.
Chapter 4
Frances was not looking forward to leaving for her aunts. The servants and Frankie talk a bit more about what being a hobo is like.
Chapter 5
Frances says her goodbyes to the servants, dreading leaving her home behind. She gets on the bus and starts thinking about the 'bo life. She decides she doesn't want to live her life after rules. She gets off the bus, turns in her ticket for money and starts running.

franky dun goofed and decided 2 hobo $
Chapter 6
She runs until she gets to the tracks. She watches two men get into a box car. She starts to recall people telling her that she is too young, shes a girl, she cant be a hobo. So, she decides: she won't be a girl. She buys boy clothes and cuts her hair to hopefully make her new hobo life a bit safer.
Chapter 7
She is inside a boxcar. She picks up her harmonica and a boy on the other side of the car comments. They have a conversation on what their names are and why they are there. The boys name is Stew pot. They make a new name for Frances too- Frankie Blue.
Chapter 9
At the jungle, Frankie becomes aware that there are other girl hobos there. She wants to be a girl again but she doesnt want Stewpot to leave her in the dust. They find up with another group and decide to split up to make food. They go looking for food, and do work for a couple and eventually eat instead.
A timeline on Nowhere to Call Home
Olivia Trask
Chapter 8
Frankie and Stewpot become a duo, enjoying the hobo life together. Stewpot has no clue Frankie is a girl. They get off the train and decide to wash off in a nearby pool. They cool off and lie down then decide to go to the jungle.
Chapter 10
The group fixes up some dinner and happily eat it by the fire. They exchanged stories and conversations. Frankie plays them some of her harmonica tunes and she cant remember being any happier.
Chapter 11-13
In these chapters, a few things happen. Waking up from the chill night in the jungle, Frankie sees that items from her bag have been stolen. They go to get food before they take off. Frankie has $50 and buys a knife. Soon after, they get on a train to Cincinnati and find that they are going to have to rest in a fridge box car full of oranges!
Chapters 14-16
Before they made it to Cincy, Stew shares a bit more about himself to Frances. He whittles for a while and Frankie reads Stewpot a bit of a book. They then jump off the train to find that its snowing!
Chapters 17-19
Theyre on their way to St. Louis in these chapters. Frankie realizes that Stews cold is gradually getting worse and worse. They get off the train to fine a couple of police men. They are brought to jail and have to stay the night there then leave.
Chapters 20-23
Chapters 24-25
They get some food and talk about going to Chicago. Stewpot wants to see the mountains. She bought some medicine for Stew, hoping it will help. She wants to teach him to read because he never learned. Stew is really sick and we are worried.
After they see the mountains, they go to Hoover ville and Stew collapses. They try to have a woman and Jack help but its not enough. Frankie is frantic for help but its too late. Stewpot died of pneumonia. She gets a train ticket to Chicago and knocks on her aunts front door.
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