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DLG Connected World (Full)

No description

Preya Jubraj

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of DLG Connected World (Full)

Hoping for a less hectic day today - Alexa puts the washing machine on before getting ready for her day
Alexa is in a car accident; she is unhurt but the car is not drivable.

The kids need picking up and Steve is unreachable.
While Alexa is getting the kids ready for school, she notices a traffic alert on her iPad - An alternative route gives her the option to grab a free coffee at a place she often frequents.
Having dropped the kids off at school, Alexa heads for her free coffee and browses for a present for Steve's birthday on her iPad
Future digital insurance customer experience
Whilst lunching with friends, Alexa's tablet notifies her that the washing machine has broken down.
After dinner - the family notice
is unusually quiet.
Alexa and Steve are reviewing the accident report on the app.

Sensing Steve is being critical, Alexa challenges him to prove he is a better driver.
Digital receipt received
on device
Automated synch to
content cover
Behavior based support:
1. Daily routine identified (e.g., school run 3pm)
2. No mobility detected
3. Support offered
(transport for children)
She finds her very expensive shoes are damaged! She selects to have them replaced and looks up her digital receipt
One click to buy and deliver the same item
Made easier by technology and Policy coverage for key items
Connected devices provide opportunities to engage with the customer in situations that personally matter to them
Seamless connectivity between purchases and devices affords opportunity to make 'protection' a common behaviour
Telematics can help move the insurer from a claims based service to one that revolves around solving customer experiences in critical situations
(e.g., an accident)
Fusing health monitor applications into the service helps move insurer into the care experience
Gamification of data and creating sensible challenges with rewards engages drivers and promotes behavioural change
Alexa arrives home with her courtesy car; the kids are already settled in and everyone is ok
A typical experience
for the Smiths

Repair reports readily available
Simple resolution options provided
The service behind the scenes
Partner garage recommended
Automatic pick up arranged based on location
Courtesy car arranged
Vehicle and driver information automatically recorded
Trajectory of impact and speeds of vehicles determined
Car damage report compiled
Taking over the experiences that customers do not like creates a distinct service proposition
The Customer Personas
Steve Smith, 37
Alexa Smith, 32
Married - two children - one dog
Mortgage, 3 bedrooms,
2 cars, holidays twice a year

Whoever meets Direct Line's challenge first wins the debate and saves the family money on their policy
Leveraging data from devices and social media affords opportunities to connect to an ecosystem with partners to give offers that enrich a customer's daily experience based on their behaviour
She wants to ensure it is
always protected.
She simply needs to select when she wants it repaired.
A sensor attached to the ear of the pet reads its vital signs and transmits it to the app
Quick appointment scheduler with local Vet
Alexa checks his health with an App and books an appointment with the vet.
Driving stats & policy impact analysis
Analysis based on actual telematic data collected across time
Challenges specific to individual drivers
It is time for bed after an eventful day.
This is what an experienced based service might look like in the near future.
not so
With the family growing, Steve decides it might be time to start looking for a new property
To deal with his hangover after his birthday celebrations, Steve decides to have a cold bath to set himself up for the day
Direct Line deal with the claim instantly and Steve can relax knowing the payment is on it's way direct to the builder
After such a hectic couple of days, Alexa takes to Twitter to vent her frustration
Direct Line listens to Alexa's post and responds
Alexa most engaged in the day to day running of the family. (i.e. household purchases, family welfare)
Straight through claims processing through preset rules
Direct Line use social media listening to hear what their customers are saying and what is happening in their lives
Preferred mortgage partners
Moving advice & deals
The same collision report is sent to the insurer so they can build a full picture of what occurred
Luckily for Steve he benefits from Direct Line's QuickClaim service thanks to years of customer loyalty and no history of claims
Direct Link to Direct Line's partners makes the process as painless as possible for Steve
Helpful tips
And further down the line...
Solicitors and surveyors
Value added service delivered straight to Alexa
Preset claims rules in the system based on
Customer loyalty
Claims history
Claim value
Allow for straight through claims processing - cutting claims handling expenses significantly
Social media listening and data gathering
enable Accenture to engage their customers
like never before and deliver an outstanding
level of customer service
Tragically in his jaded state, he lets the bath overflow and it brings the plasterwork of the downstairs ceiling crashing down and ruins his TV
Meet Alexa and Steve
Valuable demographic
Extreme scenario of how digital technology could be used within insurance
Demonstrating "the art of the possible"

The Smiths
Wearable technology allows ability to have more insights for customers and their preferences where companies can utilise that data to better meet their needs
Alexa receives a notification from Direct Line reminding her to capture video evidence of the impacted vehicle and 3rd party contact details
Alexa books her family beach holiday and insurance together...
Direct Line makes it as stress free as possible
Buyer values the Smiths look for
Family Well Being
Value for Money
Trusted Insurer
Alexa clicks "Confirm" when she is happy with the arrangements
Alexa wakes up; her digital wardrobe has suggested an outfit based on:
the weather
who she 'follows'
what she has planned for the day
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