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Moodle - Three (3) Tips in Three Minutes

This is a quick intro to Moodle for new users at QSI Shekou

Ian (Teacher in China)

on 17 June 2010

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Transcript of Moodle - Three (3) Tips in Three Minutes

Tip One (1):
Focus on the middle Tip Three (3): How to
Create an assignment Confusing? A little more
clear with the "extras" on the sides blocked out! You can even delete the
"extras!" on the sides Tip Two (2):
Turn editing on! Remove clutter
(or at least
learn how to
live with it). First, let's look
at the interface What is Moodle?
Classroom management
A new way to teach both inside
and outside the classroom
A way to collaborate with students
and teachers Try only focusing
on the middle, where
the main action is. Summary: begin
using moodle by
focusing on the
center of the screen!
You can worry about
the sides later. That little button
will change your
life! Without it
you can't make edits! Here's the interface.... And here's the key button! Probably the first
thing you will want
to be able to do. You add
where you add
activities! Three (3) Moodle tips
in three minutes: An overview of moodle Better,
right? Here is where we add most of the content for our course, create and collect assignments! Why are we using it?
QSI worldwide is adopting it
Extremely helpful to keep track
of complete / incomplete work
Great collaborations / discussions
Used in many other schools
In case of emergency Before we begin,
let's review a
little bit. Now,
on with the
show..... To Wrap it Up: Focus on the middle
Turn editing on
Create an assignment Moodle is a bit of a
learning curve, but the
benefits are absolutely

You can always practice
at demo.moodle.net

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