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Chinese (Jin Dynasty)

No description

jess callihan

on 9 April 2015

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Transcript of Chinese (Jin Dynasty)

Jesse, Angus, Camerin,and Jayce
Chinese (Jin Dynasty)
Scissors made of iron and used to cut textile

Chisels used to perforate wood
Shovel used for digging
Planner used to smoothen wood
Sickel, knife, woks, swords, nails, and arrows

Wheel carts - used for transporting goods
Early wheels

Wheel and Axle
It says here that the ancient Chinese used levers to bash wild beast heads in or to move heavy rocks and they used scissors to cut hair hoes to plant fields and catapults were used to attack cities with walls and they bows and arrows to kill people and they used chopsticks to eat they used pedal driven trip hammers to crush rocks water driven trip hammer was used to bend metal These are some of the levers they used: scissors, hoes, pincers, petal driven trip hammers, water driven trip hammer, catapults, and the petals of spinning machines they also use bows and arrows, chopsticks.

Archimedean Screw
A machine historically used for transferring water from a low-lying body of water into irrigation ditches. Water is pumped by turning a screw-shaped surface inside a hollow pipe.
Used to lift water to higher levels

Modern Day Screw
Inclined Plane
There was no specific inclined plane, but they used a cart to help them move objects up an inclined surface. The front wheel was bigger than the rear wheel and a flat board was placed on the wheels, which made the board inclined.
They used an inclined ladder to climb higher
Inclined stairways to go up buildings and towers
Using a winding path to get up mountains.

Modern Day Inclined Plane
Modern Day Pulley
(Rope to open the stage curtains)
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