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No description

Acadia Center

on 2 October 2015

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Transcript of EnVi

Emissions from Heating Sources
Emissions from Vehicles
Shift in New England Power Generation
RGGI: Leveling the Playing Field
Clean Power: Increasingly Cost Competitive
Efficiency Reduces Power Grid Costs
Abigail Anthony, PhD
Director, Utility Reform and Grid Modernization
Phone: 401-276-0600
Email: aanthony@env-ne.org
Efficiency Savings Levels
Emissions from Water Heaters
Annual Heating Costs
Vehicle Cost
Energy Efficiency House Bill Savings
Dedication to David LeClair
ENE dedicates EnergyVision to David LeClair, who tragically
lost his life on June 14, 2013 in a bicycle accident during the
Trek Across Maine, a normally joyful 3-day, 180-mile trip that
attracts thousands of bicyclists in a fundraiser for the American
Lung Association. David was riding with his employer group
from athenahealth, a company that provides cloud based
services in the health profession. David was known for his
energy, enthusiasm and genuine kindness. As athenahealth
notes, “David has shown us that caring is the greatest thing
you can do in life”—and he demonstrated what caring means
in ways large and small.” ENE was deeply moved when David’s
team at athenahealth selected ENE to receive a generous
donation in his memory. We hope that EnergyVision, which sets
forth an ambitious, positive pathway to a sustainable future,
is a fitting tribute to David’s enthusiasm and optimism and
his passion for the environment. We are honored to dedicate
EnergyVision to David.
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