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New Horizons Techknowledgey 2013 Mobile Fundamental Series

Smartphones have significantly impacted the business landscape. How do IT Professionals and companies leverage mobile technology to manage their brands and stay productive as an organization? Learn this and more.

Christian Marcillo

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of New Horizons Techknowledgey 2013 Mobile Fundamental Series

New Horizons
Techknowledgey 2013
Mobile Fundamentals

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
The Landscape
IT Challenges
What is a Mobile Strategy?
Key mobile challenges in the enterprise
What is the right approach / Where to start?
Who owns mobile in the organization?
What devices do I choose?
What applications do I choose/allow?

Mobile Fundamentals for IT Professionals
Who Should Attend:
This course would be most beneficial for IT Professionals:
Managers and executives of IT organizations
Application Management managers and professionals
Process Owners of processes that relate to application development
Professionals who provide 1st and 2nd- level support for applications
This course is also beneficial for application development professionals in:
Executive Level (CIO, CTO, COO)
Managers of Application Development
Application development Project Managers and Team Leads
Software development and testing professionals

Strategic Roadmap

Features down the road
Infrastructure requirements
Target Dates

Smartphones have significantly impacted the business landscape.
How do professionals and business communities leverage mobile manage brands and reach customers?

Presented by:
Christian Marcillo & Elaina Farnsworth

Follow us @mobilcomply or
LIKE us on Facebook, Mobile Comply

Business Perspective
Doing business on your feet is now the norm.

Mobile allow business
owners to conduct business wherever they are.

Get started by learning the Mobile Fundamentals as a foundation for success.
Creating a mobile culture
We create engaging courses that help students achieve their highest level of personal & professional potential using competency-based curriculums

We provide qualified instructors who know how to create a stimulating, intellectually challenging, caring, and supportive environment in which individuals can learn

We foster an inclusive learning environment that promotes collaborative teamwork, respect, and value for the individual contributions given different diversities of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives

Mobile Fundamentals
Learning Philosophy
One Scenario
Custom App
Follow us @Mobile Comply
LIKE us on Facebook, Mobile Comply
Elaina Farnsworth
Elaina is CEO is a public speaker, writer and thought leader. In her role as CEO of Mobile Comply, (www.mobilecomply.com) she coaches C-level executives and their teams on mobile strategies, best practice certification and application. The goal: to make workforce collaboration more efficient and sales and service efforts more effective. New Horizons and Mobile Comply's partnership provides clients with training and competencies to execute on enterprise-wide mobile processes. The curriculum focusing on mobile strategy training and begins with the Mobile Fundamental Series.

Special Skills:
Executive Management
Christian Marcillo
At an early age Christian was turned on to computers with an Apple IIc and a Texas Instruments. With a BS from Oakland University in Biology he brings his interest in group social interactions and their communication to the world of mobile apps and how people interact with the world through their devices. His background in management, training, and culture creation allows him to cultivate a dynamic team environment.
Special Skills:
UX/UI Design
All Mobile Comply curriculums & courses are designed with purpose using adult learning theories to achieve learning outcomes

Innovation approaches are used to engage the student for higher levels of critical thinking & self-reflection in effective decision-making

Student-centric focus to meet the work/life balance needs of busy working adults

Alignments of competencies, course objectives, and student learningoutcomes using Bloom’s Taxonomy

Standardized grading rubrics to help instructors & students assess progress throughout the course
Design for Quality Learning
Operating on Mobile
Business owners and personnel can RUN their businesses on mobile.
"As a business owner if you can manage one less aspect of your business such as technology training time, consider a BYOD strategy. Your team will appreciate being able to bring to work a device they are familiar with." - Christian Marcillo
App Creation Process
Mobile Strategy
Platform Differences
Form Factor
Start with design
Case Study: non-profit tactic
How a Downtown community non-profit agency leveraged Social Media & Mobile to support it's cause.
Human service agency servicing two MI Counties.
Raised $156,284 from a single event - Walk for Warmth
The Business
The Tools
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram used to connect with the community.
Engaging stories, and regular updates.
A mobile app to stay relevant to their fundraisers.
Foundation for success
Mobile Fundamentals is the foundation
Big Picture Trends
Mobile Fundamentals for IT Professional
Mobile Fundamentals for Office Professionals
Mobile Fundamentals for Executives

Mobile Fundamentals
Mobile Fundamentals for Leaders
The course is a strategic class for executives to help them identify best practices and resources to use in building and improving business process through mobile technologies. Participants will learn how to identify and segment customer groups, improve customer acquisition and retention rates, identify ROI, encourage staff efficiency and enhance sales and distribution using mobile technologies.

Mobility for Office Professionals
Mobile Fundamentals for Office Professionals is a course that allows professionals to master mobile for their business or office. This course defines tools and techniques to help them find gains in productivity, efficiency and organization that will aid them in their everyday process.

Mobile Fundamentals
For information on Mobile Fundamentals

Contact Christian Marcillo

Elaina Farnsworth
Issues: There are at least five major “generational scale” changes to the computing landscape happening at about the same time: Delivery platforms are shifting (mobility, cloud, social), communication and collaboration channels are being reinvented (Web, mobile, social), the consumer world of technology is driving innovation, and data is opening up and exploding out of the proliferating apps, devices, and sensors that organizations are connecting to or deploying.

Mobile Fundamentals
Mobile Fundamentals for IT Professionals
course is designed to give IT professionals an understanding of mobile tools and techniques available to make the paradigm shift from web and PC structure to an integrated mobile operation.
Lets discuss:

• Mobile Strategy thoughts

• How to plan & communicate design & strategy

• Discuss platform & device differences

• Share mobile strategy tools for IT professionals

• How to identify a team

• Deployment strategies

So you want to create a mobile app?

What is your idea?

Which Platform?

Plan a roadmap of features

Who will build it?

How do you deploy it?

• Define device & OS Standards

• Align mobile strategy to business strategy

• Be proactive and not reactive

• Develop a 12-24 month roadmap

Form Factor
Smartphone, Tablet, Special purpose devices
Device manufacturer examples
Samsung, Apple, Blackberry
Operating system examples
iOS, Android, Windows 8
Deployment examples
Mobile Web, App Store,
enterprise store

Phone or Tablet
Fits in pocket, always with me or
Thinner than a laptop, leave it on my desk
Harder to do longer tasks on or
Easier to do longer tasks on
Smaller screen size, more focused tasks or
Larger screen size, more real estate

Apple’s iOS Human Interface Guidelines

• Great Apps embrace the platform and HI design principles

• Great App Design Begins with Some Clear Definitions

• A Great User Experience Is Rooted in Your Attention to Detail

• All Apps Need at Least Some Custom Artwork

• People Expect to Find Mobile Technologies in the Apps They Use

My users are ...

The main features are...

Existing ideas: Are there examples in other apps that I like?

Do I have an existing website that I want to use?

My ideas are:

Quick sketches

Can I sketch a few screens on a napkin?

Questions to Ask

• What is my idea?

• Presenting your idea

• Reaching your goal

• Who oversees product management?

• Who deals with post product release?

Foundational Mobility Skills
Intermediate and Specialty Mobility
(Programming, Device or Security)
CompTIA Certification
(Mobility + Mobile App Security +)

Funding Options Available
Objective 1.2. Given a scenario, configure and implement Wi-Fi client technologies using appropriate options. What are the 3 non-overlapping Channels in 802.11g? A) 2, 6, 10. B) 1, 5, 10. C) 1, 6, 11. D) 3, 8, 14
Question 1
Objective 3.0. What is the principle trade-off between IT policies and security policies? A) Balancing technical performance with business performance. B) Balancing technical requirements with business requirements. C) Balancing usability with security. D) Balancing authentication with security.
Question 2
Answer 1 = C
C) 1, 6, 11.

Answer 2 = C
C) Balancing usability with security.
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