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Cherub The Recruit

No description

Adam Haiken

on 13 May 2015

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Transcript of Cherub The Recruit

Cherub: The Recruit
By: Robert Muchamore
Characters (2)
Plot (2)
Characters (3)
Bruce Norris
Main Characters
James Choke
James, a 12 year old boy
who suffers from anger management, is the main character of the novel. His anger often gets him in trouble and got him expelled from the school that he was attending. James was asked if he wanted to be a part of Cherub while he was staying in a local orphan house shortly after his alcoholic mother died .
Lauren Adams
Lauren, James's half sister is forced to live with her biological father, Ron. Lauren absolutely detests living with Ron. As a result of her hatred toward living with Ron, she starts dealing drugs and gets put in jail. Lauren is much happier living in a cell than with her father. While in prison, Lauren is invited to be a member of Cherub. She take this as an opportunity to get out of jail and to see James.
Kyle Blueman
Kyle was James's roommate at the orphan house. Kyle was recruited to Cherub after both of his parents abandonded him.
Dana Smith
Dana is a member of Cherub and has incredible combat skills. She dated James for 11 months.
Dave Moss
Dave is one of the very popular agents on campus because of all the girlfriends that he has. Dave has won many karate tournaments at Cherub.
Bruce is the most skilled martial artist on the Cherub campus.
Amy Collins
Amy is James's swim teacher who teaches James how to swim for the first time. Amy loves any activity related to water.
(There are many other minor characters that are not mentioned in this Prezi.)
James's mom dies from heart failure because she keeps drinking alcohol while taking her medications.
James is forced to live in an orphan home where he meets his roommate, Kyle. While staying in the orphan home, James is recruited in to Cherub and later discover that Kyle is a part of Cherub as well.
James must then complete his basic training that all starting agents must do. Kyle describes this training period as, "the worst 100 days of your life." In this training, James learns martial arts, learns how to swim , does many endurance and speed drills, and takes part in many exhilarating activities to make him more bold and daring.
The novel starts off, where James was born, in Tufnell Park, London. After James's mom dies the setting shifts to an orphan home named Nebraska House. At this house James, gets in a lot of trouble with a gang of boys to the point where he gets arrested. Before going to prison, James is recruited to Cherub. James and Kyle attend fitness activities all over the campus and train for their next mission. Once the boys are qualified and have completed basic training, they compete in missions and collect information on criminals and terrorists.
The main theme of this novel is perseverance. James perseveres in two major areas in this book. The first place where he showed perseverance was in the beginning of the novel when his mother, Gwen, died. Throughout the story, James did not let the thought of his mother dying bring him down while living in the orphan home or while traing at Cherub. The second location where James persevered was when he was going throught basic training at Cherub. He didn't know how to swim so he practiced every day with Amy until he mastered all of the strokes. When the doctor told him that he was fat, at first James thought it was offensive but then he realized that it was a "wake up call" to get in shape and to start running.
James wakes up one morning to see Kyle standing over his bed. Kyle informs James that there is one more spot left in Kyle's mission but they have to start the mission in 20 minutes. James decides to go; He pulls together a bag of all the necessary items that he needs and follows Kyle downstairs.
James comes back after his mission with Kyle and earns his Navy Cherub Shirt and his black belt in karate.
"Cherub agents are aged betwenn 10 and 17.They live in the real world slipping under adult radar and getting information that sends criminals and terrorists to jail." (Muchamore, 87)
"This is tough, but Cherubs are tougher" (Muchamore, 154)
"I'd like to have a business card saying: Bruce Norris kicked your arse" (Muchamore, 125)
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