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Matt Cameron - Social Media and Diabetes

No description

Matt Cameron

on 17 July 2013

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Transcript of Matt Cameron - Social Media and Diabetes

My story
How & why I use social media
Examples of awesomeness
Some advice
Where to start
Examples of Awesome
Where to start
Diabetes and Social Media
Key points
People with D value peer support
Social media is everywhere
Gen Y is the social media generation
Social media constantly changes
Diabetes and Social Media
Diabetes and Social Media
#connecT1n | 14 JULY 2013
Diabetes and social media

Matt Cameron | @MattyCameron
Type 1 | Insulin Pump User | Diabetes Blogger

About Me
Type 1 Diabetes
Insulin pump user for 18 months
Have my own diabetes blog
Active on twitter
Interested in diabetes technology, advocacy and policy issues.
Committee member, Type 1 Diabetes Network
Our most valuable resource is time.
We only spend a handful of hours with health professionals annually.
Diabetes is a 24/7 condition
Social media is available 24/7
Social media allows us to do what we want in our own time
You never know when you need support, but it's good to know it's there.

Be social
media smart
"Social Media is connecting the dots. It is bringing together people who share a common condition and taking their minds off that condition. It is empowering, eye opening and life transforming." @STroyCrow

Twitter Hashtags
No family history
5 days in hospital
Received a bunch of brochures
Didn't know anyone with diabetes
Avoided diabetes camps (unfortunately)
Getting involved
Took ownership of my diabetes
Started to wonder about insulin pumps
Found www.realitycheck.org.au and diabetes conversations on twitter
First time I'd found that I could relate to - shared experiences

Avoiding change
My diabetes was "ok".
I had no idea about other ways to manage my diabetes.
I was reluctant to change.
I was always a social media user....
...but not for diabetes!
Going beyond 140 characters
Met people with diabetesvia social media...in real life.
Found a bunch of diabetes blogs
Attended the first Australian Diabetes Social Media Summit
Started my blog

Source: Digital Innovation Today
Figure out how you want to use social media
Source: First Direct
Jelly Baby Month
World Diabetes Day
National Diabetes Awareness Week
Blue Fridays
24/7, 365.

Kerri - Six Until Me
Kim - Texting My Pancreas
Renza - Diabetogenic
Kelly - Diabetesalicious
Chris - A Consequence of Hypoglycemia
Scott E - Rolling in the D
17,500+ views.
Imagine doing that
WITHOUT social media!
Source: momentsofwonderful
Source: Six Until Me
Source: Texting my Pancreas
Source: Reality Check
Source: Diabetogrenic
Source: Alan Tudge
Raising Awareness
Source: StripSafely
Source: Twitter
Source: DiabetesAdvocates

Source: Change.org
Life with diabetes
Social Media
Matt Cameron
Insulin Pumps Need Tetris
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