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How self-concept affects communication?

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Jayla Taylor

on 28 January 2015

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Transcript of How self-concept affects communication?

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communication is so complex that a single type of behavior cannot be matched with a particular level of self-esteem.
How self-concept affects communication
on a piece of paper trace your hand and give five examples of how you see your self as
self-esteem levels
If you believe that u are ugly,dumb,and stupid people would probably rate you as low concept.

high + low concept

Eeyore Low Self-Esteem
someone who avoids people apologize constantly and seems uncomfortable about sharing their thoughts probably has low self-esteem.
your poor concept may affect your social life for example: If you were in class and you were called on you may not answer because you are shy it might affect your social life.

The importance of self-concept
The link between self-concept and communication is very important.

Communication from others affects your self-concept and self-esteem, they also affect how you communicate.
1. In your own words can you define low self-esteem?
2. How does having low self-esteem affect your social life?
3. In the video what were examples of low self-esteem?
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