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Coreline Downlight

No description

Attila Danko

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Coreline Downlight

DN120B Coreline Downlight
Family introduction Application:

General lighting in R&H Shops & Hotels General (meeting) areas Halls and Corridors, Offices Summary:

Downlight luminaire
Built in/ recessed
One product color : White (semi-gloss)
Only four 12 nc-s
Simple product architecture
Difference between the products are the lighting engines
Available from 2012 W4 Designations
DN120B Range of the product family
Only four 12 nc Downlight
Economy products
Built in/ recessed 12nc
000910500453201 DLMi1100/830
DLMi2000/840 WH
WH Color of the products: White
No more color in standard range Designations

The product architecture is very simple. Designations
DN120B DLMi1100/830 WH
DN120B DLMi1100/840 WH
DN120B DLMi2000/830 WH
DN120B DLMi2000/840 WH Thank you for your attention! Color temperature [K]=3000: 30
Color temperature [K]=4000: 40 Let's take out the common parts ! Designations
DLMi1100/830 DLMi1100/840 DLMi2000/830 DLMi2000/840 DownLight Module integrated (the driver integrated into the lighting module, no external driver) Lumen output [lm]:
2000 Color rendering index CRI=80: 8
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