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What does it mean to be

No description

James Mitchell

on 24 September 2017

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Transcript of What does it mean to be

It's okay to be undecided:
Career Development
Major/Minor Fair > Major Minor Rush Month
Faculty and Staff
Undecided Advisors
Approximately 15% of our students enter as undecided.
Being undecided is completely normal.
Not unusual for a student who enters SRU to change majors during his or her career.
Students have until the second semester of sophomore year to choose a major.
Being undecided can be
...but it can also be
Getting involved on campus may shape your interests
Join student clubs to explore interests
Conduct informational interviews
Talk to people who work in fields that interest you
Take a class in your area of interest
Talk with peers about what they are studying
Career Development
One-on-one sessions for undecided students
Review of personality assessments and interest inventories
Develop a plan for exploration
Make referrals to other campus resources
Programming for Undecided students
Exploratory Student Checklist
Undergraduate Catalog
"Do What You Are" Assessment
Information on Majors on Salve's website
"What can I do with this major?" website

is a great place to be
How will you decide on a major?
Self assessments
Personality tests
Interest Inventories
Tools to help you discover your strengths, interests, and educational career goals
"What can I do with this major?"
Career Counseling
Occupational Information Network (O'Net)
US Dept of Labor - Occupational Outlook Handbook

Job Shadowing Program
Career Connections Program
MGT080: Career Life Planning
Salve Regina Career Hub
Center for Student Development
Review University Resources
Every fall semester
All academic departments showcase their majors by manning a table at the entrance of the dining hall during lunchtime
Schedule is posted on electronic bulletin boards
Major/Minor Rush Month
Faculty Advisors trained to work with undecided students

First-Year Transitions course mentor

Faculty Advisors in your major upon choosing a major

Director of Academic Advising

Explore majors with faculty and staff!
James G. Mitchell, Ph.D.
Director of Academic Advising
Who you are:
Charting a course:
Other services:
"Do what you are" workshops

Course sit-in program

Events sponsored by Academic Departments

Faculty and Staff:
Activities On Campus and Beyond
Experiential Learning:
Study Abroad
Summer Employment
Work Study
Salve offers 44 majors
120 credits; some majors require more
Core Curriculum + Major + Electives
Consider a double major or a minor
Majors vary in terms of flexibility and structure
Some majors require internships or study abroad

SRU Curriculum
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