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World Music Prezi Thing

No description

Jake Serio

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of World Music Prezi Thing

World Music Prezi Thing
The Music of Africa
Music In the Sub-Saharan Africa has a lot to do with religion.
Africa's Traditional Music.
When discussing African music, the term "traditional music" is used to refer to the characteristics of african music prior to the colonization of the continent by european countries.
Music components
In African Music, the emphasis is more placed on rhythms then melody and harmony.
Traditional Music
Music has become an integral part of child birth, marriage, to pay respect to the good spirits, and to ward off evil spirits.
Music is also a way of communication to the Africans.
Some Events that music has become part of
Warding evil spirits, Child birth, Marriage, and hunting
When discussing African Music, the term "Traditional music" is used to refer to the characteristics of African music prior to the colonization of the contnent by Europe an counties.
Africa takes up 20% of the worlds land mass and has a population of rough of 924 million people.
Contrast is achieved in the music when two or more melodies or combined to form lager sectional formations.
Ostinato- repeated short musical phrases with the accompaniment of melodic/rythmic patterns
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