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The Effect of Music on Society

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Tyler Tillotson

on 7 September 2016

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Transcript of The Effect of Music on Society

Early Society
In the beginning there was only "Sacred music", played in church to uplift and bring people together within their religion. But over time people found a need for music even outside the church which gave birth to "Secular music"
Tyler Tillotson
Secular Music
Nowadays there's much more secular music than sacred music and it has split into many different genres and sub cultures within the genres.
The Effects

The Effects of Music on Society
Secular and Sacred music and Society
The On-Going Back an Forth
People within the secular society began to find and develop their own Identity sounds and groups which then created cultures adapted to each sound. But then the different sounds(genres) begin to fall deep within its own culture and began to feel either superior or inferior to another culture because of (political, economic, media, fans or lack of,) which divided people even more.
With the emergence of so many different types of Secular music, even though they were still dealing with the divide from the Sacred music society on a small factor, there was a split happening within the Secular music society. But let's reflect on the 1st split.
Although this has been an on-going/routine problem I see progress today. A lot of people listen to a lot of different music opening their minds to other peoples' thoughts, feelings, and cultures. And Secular music has embraced sacred music nowadays to make a new fusion based music and Sacred music is doing the same
- It pleased people who liked sacred and secular music
- expanded the range of music within the society
- gave musicians more jobs
-made music a funner experience

- people claimed & believed secular music was from Satan
- It split up the ideals & views on music/which in term divided people
- Secular music only last for the moment
Rap Vs Pop
Rock Vs Smooth Jazz
EDM Vs Orchestal
New Rap Vs Old Rap
New Rock Vs Old Rock
Do you have any solutions to offer or questions?
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