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Ohio GIS 2015

Available at www.prezzip.com With the Circuit Board prezi template you can share your ideas in a rough template with 3D background! Just add your ideas & pictures.

Your Prezis

on 22 September 2015

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Transcript of Ohio GIS 2015

County Stats
Internal Checks
Role of GIS
In NG9-1-1
What makes us
stewards of data?
External Checks
Separate elements
Insert Something
External Check:
St Louis
Common Wealth
Shanell Anderson
Cherokee County, GA
Operator: Give me the address again to make sure I have it right.

Anderson: The Fairway.

Operator: The Fairway?

Anderson: The Fairway as in golf course.

Operator: The Fairway? Batesville and what … Batesville and where?

Anderson: The Fairway and Batesville.

Operator: Batesville and what?

Anderson: The Fairway is a street, ma’am.

Operator: Fairway? I don’t have that. Is that in Milton? What city is that in?
Call Location Mapping
Location Validation
Call Routing
Brief Outline of CLDXF
Establish Authorities
Higher Education
Group Training
10% Time
Required Layers

Road Centerlines
Emergency Service Boundaries
Authoritative Boundary

Recommended Layers

Address Points
Road Name Alias Table

Layers Needed for NG Compliance

Reviewing Your Data
Next Generation 911 is completely in GIS environment
Old system used GIS more as reference

Legacy tabular data needs to fit into GIS
Master Street Address Guide (MSAG)

MSAG = Road Centerlines in NG911
Synchronization important


QC/QA checks within a data layer

Examples of Internal QC’s
Unique ID check
Null Geometry
Duplicate Geometry
Overlap in an Address Range
Road not intersected
Are Mandatory Field populated?

QC/QA checks between layers

Data Synchronization
MSAG compared to GIS road centerlines
Addresses compared to ALI and Road Centerlines, etc.

Important part of NG
Prevents fallout and ambiguity
Internal Check:
Overlap in Address Range
Risk: When the same address range is present on more than one roadway, there is a large chance that a call may be routed or dispatched to more than one location and force a user to pick. In the example below, a first responder or dispatcher may not know whether to turn East or West on Anderson Road from Currant Road.
Fix: Review address numbers on each section and couple the ranges at the intersection.

Internal Check:
Mandatory Field Values are Null
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