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SONY operations and supply chain management

No description

OY Karakhuan

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of SONY operations and supply chain management

SONY operations and supply chain management
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Supply Chain Solutions
Skillfully using our global network and logistic knowhow, our company aims to establish a supply chain that is designed to provide the best for the Sony Group.
There are four main business domains in logistics operation
Budgeting and Forecasting Management
Inventory Management
International operations
Group Members
Bhavin Jagdish Rupabhinda
Vaishali Bhardwaj
Maulik Kamlesh Raval
Ahmad Amin Bin Mohd Shukri
Uthumporn Karakhuan
Kavya Panuganti
Syed Umair Ul Hassan Gillani
supply chain
Seiichi Kawasaki
President & CEO
How SSCS functions?
SSCS is the only logistics operator in the Sony Group and serves as their HQ of worldwide operations. They aim at providing a
One-Stop Solution from Procurement to Distribution
SONY integrates Electronic Data Interchange [EDI], SAP R/3, and Internet-based transactions with internal applications on one single host network for major global operations, this function gives them a fallibility and speed advantage as the analysis and data receiving time is tried to be kept to a minimal.
Method for forecasting and planning
Sales and Operations Planning is a Japanese word, meaning manufacturing meets Sales.
Control Inventory through the rolling forecast process / collection of documents
The process of how the Forecasting and Planning is carried out
Quality Management
Total quality management
Transportation & Distribution
Logistics Technology
Domestic Operations
International Operations
Repair Parts Operations
FIFO is applied
Sony integrates SAP
They utilise both Demand Planning (DP) and Vendor Management Inventory (VMI)
Employee Involvement
Focus on Customer
Continuous Improvement
Utilising Customer Feedback
Sony’s Multi-country Consolidation Approach.

In bound and Outbound Modes of Transport
Main Features – Outbound
Sony is very effectively able to integrate internal applications as well as support for both real-time and batch-oriented B2B activities.
They focus on integrating business processes internally and externally, and flexibility of changing processes to fit the market needs quickly.
Integrated logistics and fulfilment management has helped Sony increase their customer service and maximize asset utilization, while reducing inventory and transportation spend across their global supply network.
Structure of the Supply Chain
[Radio Frequency Identification System]
SSCS uses RFID technology to deploy on the supply chain management from factory to shelf by using logistics management to track serialized pallets and cases across multiple organizations in the supply chain.
Cross Docking
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