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No description

Choi Tsz Yan

on 18 May 2011

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Transcript of Marketing

Competitor Analysis Angry Box
Marketing plan Consumer Analysis Use of primary data : Online questionnaire 3 groups of respondants : Secondary, tertiary students and workforce Percentage of respondents interested in Angry box
80% of secondary students
85% of tertiary students
75% of workforce Attributes Secondary students:Price and taste
Tertiary students: Price and convenience
Workforce:Convenience Company Analysis S W O T Innovative feature
Self-heating function Production cost

Lack of brand awareness Production
diversification Safety Concern
Different kinds of
similiar products and substitutes S P T Concentrated Marketing
secondary and tertiary students 4Ps Product Self-heating lunch box
cater the need of convenience and warm meals
do not need microwave or hot water
wide range of variety Name of our product : Angry box
idea from a popular game
Design : decorate with an angry face Price Promotion Tuck shops
Order in advance Product differentiation Mission Raise the awareness
Persuade customers to buy our products Advertising Boards in MTR stations and bus stops Free Newspaper Sales promotion Discount cards Samples distribution in mega sales Personal
Selling Online form Social network Luckydraw
Promotion counters Nissin Food Japan-based company
Famous for its great diversity of flavours of instant noodles and cup noodles
Available in supermarkets and vending machines Eat East More than 20 choices of dishes
Mircrowave-cooking Competitive price : $14-$23
Undifferentiated marketing Distribution channels
Large supermarkets
Over 80 specialty shops Value-based pricing
Price from survey : $18

Production in mainland
Water bags, packs of chemicals, plastic boxes and packaging paper are outsourced

Hire local transportation company to delivery Angry box from Shenzhen to Hong Kong Earnings : $9.7 per unit
Total fixed cost : $12,800,000
Break-even unit : 1319588
Estimated monthly sales : 150,000 units

8.8 months to break even Place Selective Strategy Secondary schools Convenience stores and supermarkets Vending machines Dormitories of universities
Secondary schools Q&A Session To students who take convenience as their top priority,
Angry Box is a self-heating lunch box that offers not
only a delicious, warm dish in no time,
but also an instant meal without additional aids. Price : $4-9
Distribution channels : Vending machines, various supermarket and stores Public relations
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