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Chetan Motamarri

No description

Chetan Motamarri

on 25 June 2017

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Transcript of Chetan Motamarri

SDE at
- Feb 2016 - Present

Software Development Intern at
- May 2015 - Nov 2015

Computer Science Graduate -
Arizona State University
- Dec 2015
Who am I ?

Solely developed pilot web application using Java, Spring MVC and deployed on Intel Cloud.

Executed all stages of SDLC for this project in Agile; Created private GitHub repo to configure daily updates

Designed a robust database in MySQL and used fragmentation, indexing for faster retrievals; Solution is reliable even if data size increases.

Developed clean GUI to interact with system in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, BootStrap with client side and server side validations. Generated visualization charts using D3.js, provided xls, csv reports.

Intel Corporation
Chetan Motamarri
The Problem
Proposed Solution
Current Work
Front-end web development
: Developed single page application, component based UI using ReactJS with Redux architecture also worked on Flux.

Designed visualization dashboards with heat maps, charts using ReactJS, D3.js which reduced analysis time by 10X.

Technologies being used in this project: JavaScript, ES6, ReactJS, Redux, Browserify, Bootstrap, npm, NodeJS, WebStorm IDE, RESTful services, Git, Jira, Gerrit, Postman, MongoDB, SQLite

My Work at
New Project within Intel Software
My idea of Self Service model
improved efficiency and performance
tremendously and got accolades from senior management which lead path to creating new project within Intel Software.

we brought some more developers on board
for this project.

We are developing more robust data warehouse and analytics application in
JavaScript stack
. NodeJS, ReactJS, Redux architecture and MongoDB.

MS in Computer Science with three years of experience as Full Stack Developer
Intel Graphics team has large volumes of data released on quarterly cadence, saved in flat files.

Problems with handling existing data:

No Traceability
No Security
No Logs
No Visualization capabilities
Not Interactive
Very difficult to perform analysis
Also added disadvantage of slow speed
So What ??
The idea of self service modal

Reduced analysis time from
4 weeks to 1 week
Reduced resource count from
3 to 1
Results are released with
more confidence
Higher data quality
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