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Chetan Motamarri

No description

Chetan Motamarri

on 8 March 2017

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Transcript of Chetan Motamarri

Software Development Intern at
- May 2015 - Nov 2015

Computer Science Graduate -
Arizona State University
- Dec 2015
Who am I ?

Proposed a new system, which overcomes all those drawbacks.

Developed a web application using Java, Spring technologies from scratch

Designed a robust database in MySQL to store huge dynamic data sets

This solution is reliable even if data size increases and can accommodate schema changes in future

Executed all stages of SDLC for this project in agile environment

Deployed the application on PAAS cloud platform through Cloud Foundry

Intel Corporation
Chetan Motamarri
The Problem
The team has huge chunks of data saved in flat files, generated by automated tools which has

No Traceability
No Security
No Logs
No Visualization capabilities
Not Interactive
Very difficult to perform analysis
Also added disadvantage of slow speed
How did we interact with the System ?
Developed a clean GUI using Spring MVC to interact with it

Provided data forms through which user could request the system; Also both Client side and Server side validations are performed on the data

Generated reports in GUI and also in csv, xls formats by fetching corresponding data from DB

My Work as an Intern at
But something seems to be missing :( ??

Provided precise analysis through graphs and charts generated using D3.js
Based on user selected data, loaded those charts dynamically by fetching data from database
Wouldn't it be nice if we make the data more
interactive and appealing for analysis purposes ??
Generated different kinds of charts such as Heat Maps, Line graphs and provided clear visual analysis to study the relations among data

Technologies Used in this project: Java, Spring MVC, Spring Security, Maven, MySQL, D3.js, HTML, CSS, JQuery, Ajax, JavaScript, JSON, Git, Ruby, Apache Tomcat, OpenStack
Features of the System
Implemented Role based login, authentication, authorization, strict Access Controls using Spring Security

Added a feature to load data into system which will undergo different kinds of checks, execute validation scripts on data and will be stored in database

Created private github repository and configured day to day updates using Git Bash

Implemented email notifications for some actions in the system

Currently working as a Software Engineer at
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